Spell to get a house you want – How beautiful is the house?

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[spell to get a house you want]When building a house, you don’t want to build a beautiful house. However, if to assess the general criteria of how a beautiful house, perhaps many people still wonder. This issue has even become a topic of discussion without end in many years on architecture forums. Read This article, you know about the question in the title.

Look at the architecture to see how beautiful the house is

Architecture plays a very important role in creating beauty, aesthetics for a building in general and housing design in particular. How beautiful a house is must always consider the “beauty” of architecture as the first thing.

To build a beautiful home, the first thing you must have a perfect architectural design. Usually, this stage can be initiated by the owner and then the architects rely on it, or the architects will rely on the size of the plot, the size of the house and the housing needs of homeowners to create a suitable housing architecture.

In order to evaluate a beautiful residential architecture, it will probably depend on the aesthetics and views of each person’s beauty and preferences. But in general, a house with beautiful architecture is a house to ensure 3 elements: balanced, harmonious with the surrounding landscape; ensuring ventilation and lighting for the house; In accordance with the style of the house.

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Exterior plays an important role in determining how beautiful the house is

The exterior of the house, especially for the model of townhouses, is the first view for outsiders to evaluate whether a house is beautiful or not. The facade of the house shows the personality and lifestyle of the family. The exterior architecture of a beautiful house must be derived from the layout of the house and the shape of the house to create convenience for the living space of the family.

The exterior of the house must show the style that the owner wants to aim for. If the homeowner intends to build a classic 3-story house, the exterior must have the characteristics of classic lines such as delicate cornices, stylized arches or sophisticated patterns. On the contrary, if it is a modern 3-story house, it is necessary to arrange strong and simple lines to express this style.

The highlight of the exterior is the front of the house. The front must be more prominent than the other side of the house. If the face of the house is also beautiful, the facade will no longer have special features and make the house become an architectural style without accents. This is good at mock castle design. The architects are too involved with the phonetic details only decorated, the overall look seems monumental, fussy, but because of too greedy details, every place makes the house look heavy and without a point press as a stop for the eye to look. This type of architecture only makes others feel overwhelmed but not eyed.

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Interior is the deciding factor of how beautiful home is

If the exterior is the first factor that makes outsiders appreciate your house is beautiful, the interior is the element that makes the house perfect, from inside to outside, so that the owner feels the house is both beautiful and beautiful. convenient. Furniture acts as the heart of professional villa design. This is an essential element to help you answer the question of “how beautiful a house is.”

The interior should ensure uniform style with the exterior, the overall housing architecture is harmonious. Not only that, but the interior must also show the comfort and convenience, promote the strengths and overcome weaknesses of housing architecture. Whatever the interior design style, we need to pay attention to the function of each room to create its own spirit. As a living room, need to be fluent, close, bedrooms need warmth, relaxation, kitchen needs cleanliness, comfort, science … So, people living in the house feel comfortable roof. How beautiful is the house? The word “beautiful” is not only about aesthetics but also about the comfort of that house.

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Feng shui is the fourth element to fully complete the answer to how beautiful home is

The beautiful house is a beautiful and exterior architecture with a highlight, harmonious landscape, comfortable, scientific and imprinted interior … But the house is so beautifully designed that if the feng shui is not beautiful, it will make the family has an uncomfortable and happy life.

From ancient times to now, when building houses, Eastern people often have the habit of choosing the direction and choosing the location according to feng shui. Many people today say this work is superfluous and superstitious. However, once again, we affirmed that feng shui science is not superstitious but based on scientific factors, interstellar and cosmic calculations to draw conclusions about the correlation between factors. Natural and artificial influences on people.

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