Spiritual baths for money – Quick Tips in 2020

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[spiritual baths for money]Sauna helps the muscles relax, stimulates the nervous system to automatically regulate, all tension is relieved, the spirit becomes refreshed, actively supports the recovery of health – beauty – spirit

Read carefully the instructions regarding the sauna machine you are using

Most suppliers and installers of steam generators will use their own instructions and warnings. What you have to do is familiarize yourself with these guidelines. If you don’t see any instructions, ask to see the construction unit for more information. Usually, the safety of the sauna is much related to the temperature. So, make sure you check the temperature. The maximum temperature allowed in standard steam generators in Canada and the United States is 194 ° F (equivalent to 90 ° C). Some European countries may be higher. However, to ensure your sauna is suitable for your personal preferences and hot and humid weather conditions in the country, you should try to enter the sauna at different temperature levels and end by leaving the mode hot at the level your body can tolerate.

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Only use the sauna when in good health

Saunas are generally safe for most users, but in some cases, they need to be limited or even stopped. So, ask the client’s health status and advise the following subjects not to use the sauna room:
People with unstable angina, difficulty controlling blood pressure, abnormal heart rate, high heart failure, recent myocardial infarction, and severe aortic stenosis.
Pregnant women (pregnant women have an increased risk of excessive temperature leading to fainting, abdominal pain, exhaustion or heat stroke).
Young children: You should only let a child at a certain age be able to use the sauna.

Drink plenty of water in the sauna room

Steam causes dehydration. This can lead to a heat stroke if the person in the room does not replenish water promptly. Therefore, remind customers to drink water or use water substitutes. However, you should talk to the customer about avoiding alcohol before or during the use of the sauna. In the case, the person in the sauna feels sick and tired, take them out to drink about two to four glasses of water.

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Do not use the sauna when taking medicine


The heat in the sauna has a profound effect on the body. The average person will pour about a liter of sweat in just a few minutes in the sauna (this ratio can move 30% or more). When sweating, the body nearly doubles the amount of blood it pumps every minute. Most of this extra blood flow is directed to the skin, but a few are introduced into internal organs. Many drugs (pharmaceuticals) now heat up the body quickly but also reduce sweat and push more blood into the internal organs. Therefore, people taking medicine in the sauna have a risk of stroke.

Wear appropriate clothes

Experience shows that staying in a nude sauna is the best. Therefore, if you have a private sauna, to ensure privacy, please suggest to customers about nude to enjoy more effectively. If you do not meet this requirement or convince customers about cleanliness in your Spa, offer a Spa bathrobe made from 100% cotton and flip flops.

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Bath after sauna

The appropriate time to enjoy the sauna is 15-20 minutes. If your customer feels too hot or uncomfortable, reduce it.

Avoid staying too long in the sauna room


Some customers always want to take a bath after the sauna. However, you should explain to the customer that you will have to wait a certain time after the sauna to bathe. Keep in mind that it is absolutely forbidden to let customers after sauna bathing with cold water, as it can lead to colds and many other serious health problems.

Above, there are some basic guidelines for using the sauna at home to refer to customers. As a first-class agent specializing in the distribution of imported bathroom equipment at the best price on the Oriental Kitchen market, it is always a worthy address for you to send your trust.


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