The Secret of the Glass of Water and Salt under the bed – Feng Shui Tips Do you know?

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As you know, feng shui is a matter of great concern for Asians, today I will share with you a tip about The Secret of the Glass of Water and Salt under the bed.

The use of salt in feng shui

Asians have long had a custom: “At the beginning of the year, to buy salt, buy lime at the end of the year” to prove the power to banish evil spirits, absorb the positive energy of salt.

Feng shui said that if salt combined with water, it would make its energy more powerful. Moreover, if there are metal coins placed in the bowl, the reaction will help cleanse and dissipate negative energy. Therefore, if using a bowl of salt-containing coins in the home, it will neutralize the negative energy sources in the family, attracting good luck, fortune to come into the house.

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The best location in the house to put the salt bowl

The extremely prosperous position to set up the salt bowl is at the corner of Money (South East) to desire wealth. But, if you pray that your family is always warm and healthy, put a salt bowl at Carrer Palace (east direction). Leave it unchanged, do not touch, only change every 2 months.


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How to put salt bowls to dispel the evil for the whole year:

– First, you need to prepare a bowl of feng shui salt, then fill it with 3/4 full salt and put 6 coins in a circle shape on the face. You remember that you should put the positive side of the coin face up,

– Next, slowly add water and place the bowl on a cloth. For a year, do not cover the bowl and leave it in the same place. Do it silently, not bragging to outsiders to know, not to touch or move, if the negative energy has accumulated will be broken.

At the end of the year, throw away the saltwater bowl and not use it again for any reason. You should note that it is advisable to place bowls in places exposed to air, to avoid enclosed spaces such as cabinets and cabinets. Salt bowl after a while will appear reaction, salt phenomenon precipitates out of the bowl mouth.


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