Top 8 Good luck spells you should bring – Feng Shui tips

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[Good luck spells]With feng shui, there are many small objects displayed in the house that can bring good luck, talent, and favorable career for homeowners but not everyone knows.
These feng shui symbols help attract good and useful energy sources to create luck, health, and fortune for homeowners. Let’s find out what they are to prepare for our beloved home.

Elephant statue

Protection, luck, wisdom, and fertility are feng shui energies that the elephant statue gives to any space whether at home or office.

fresh flower

Each flower has its own feng shui energies. Fresh flowers are the best for your home because they bring peace, vitality, and luck to all family members. However, remember to never leave the flowers withered in the house.


The upside-down horseshoe represents luck, wealth. That’s why Europeans often hang a horseshoe on the wall or in front of the door to help protect the house. The shape of the “U” with the wide bottom is believed to keep luck inside forever.

Maneki Neko Cat

Maneki Neko is a lucky Japanese cat, Maneki Neko literally means “waving cat”, literally “lucky cat”, “blessed cat” and one of the popular statues in Japan.


Chrysanthemum is a durable, durable flower that is easy to take care of, very rich color and types. Both valuable and enjoyable can eat, soak wine, make tea or make medicine.

In feng shui in general, chrysanthemum has a lot of good implications. The first and most frequently mentioned implication is the symbol of life, happiness, and joy. Chrysanthemum also symbolizes longevity, increasing the part, being able to help stabilize the field gas from the field.

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The star is decorated like a symbol on the wall. There are not many special meanings but in the thinking of the peasantry, there is always a belief that the star can bring luck and fortune for them.


Fruit makes sense in full feng shui. Fruit bowls full of fruit, or wrong fruit, are feng shui items that are often used in the home to help the family have a lot of money.

People often put 9 oranges or plums, placed in a yellow bowl, or bunches of red grapes, fresh pineapples and bananas filled in trays, or can hang pictures of bumper crops … These are expressions feng shui statue brings enough material satisfaction, you should put it in the corner of the fortune.

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Aquarium fish tank

Fish is a symbol of the power of money and prosperity. Aquariums are located in the southeast, near the main door, or the entrance to the business area is very good because it is not only a feng shui symbol that attracts money but also a balance of 5 basic elements in feng shui. Water in the aquarium represents the flow of life, proliferation.

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The movements of prey, swimming, and bubbles of fish increase the positive energy of luck and wealth for your family.


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