Unbelievable, What do you look like before & after hitting the gym for a year?

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‘Making Gains’ is back in style, and people are going from skinny to shredded faster than half of us can blink. If it’s done right, hitting the gym, building muscle mass can actually give a lot of health benefits – prolong your lifespan and improve cardiovascular and bone health – as well as increase your chances of people sliding in the DM .

Each person inherits different strengths and weaknesses from the gene pool, so it’s important to take your time and found out what gym workout is best for your unique body. To dispel that last little thought in your head, no – steroids are never a good option unless you want to add the increased risk of heart disease and stroke to your exercise routine.

Bodybuilding is a beautiful transformation journey and those who’ve experienced it knows about all the fruits it give to you. Remember this is not just physical transformation.

So finally I got a question about transformation story. Here’s mine. I hope you’ll get what you’re here for.

This was taken before I joined the gym i.e. Oct 2015

Year : 2016 Month : March

I was really skinny weighing 59kg bone weight. So to gain some mass I thought about joining a gym. There I got my Mentor who guided me throughout my transformation and most importantly without any supplementation. 6 months consistent clean diet with exercise and I gained some 2–3 kgs and then it went to 5–6 kgs. You know all it takes is persistency and hardwork. You can’t buy this transformation.

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Year : 2017 Month : June

Weight: 68kgs

(I don’t have pics of year 2016 as those photos for some reason got corrupted)

Then came the part that I realized 1 year has passed since I joined the gym and the mass I gained gave me a boost. From the start I wanted to look like a greek god and not just fit. Bodybuilding game got started with so much fire inside and I switched into Lean bulk diet (No artificial supplementation).

Year : 2018 Month : Jan


Weight : 70kgs

And year 2018 was my Hustle for that Muscle year.

Till this time, I had gained all the knowledge about bodybuilding and how this process works.

Year : 2018 Month : Dec

Weight : 74kgs

Bodybuilding isn’t hard. Even it’s all easy but what It takes is what I said above Persistency and Hardwork.

This is not just physical transformation but Mental, Spritual, Emotional one. I had that inferiority complex within me before I started this journey but now it’s all gone. Life has completely changed this side.

My confidence and Personality both have improved with this process. I’m really glad that I took a step 3 years ago otherwise life would be different and Maybe I won’t be happy with that one.

To all the people out there who wants to build their competency, just take a step and dive into the river and you’ll learn how to swim.


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