Want to be rich here are three rituals to attract money with salt Easy – Feng Shui Tips in 2020

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[Want to be rich here are three rituals to attract money with salt Easy]Every house has salt, that’s for sure because this is a very important cooking material. Not to mention, salt is also effective in beauty or cleaning the house, blocking sewers.

And now, you will know another great use of salt that you think you should apply after reading this article.

Placement of saltwater to attract prosperity and improve health

There is no uniform opinion for saltwater placement. There is an opinion that in the feng shui art, saltwater should be placed at the position of Virgo and Capricorn star. Others think that saltwater bowls should be changed depending on the year.

It is best to place it in the southeast if you want to be rich or put it in an oriental direction if you want to improve your health.

Note: It is necessary to comply with the instructions for making feng shui bowls to achieve good results. At the same time, place it in the appropriate Bagua arc and should not be used for more than one year.

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Salt to clean living space

Mix some salt in the water, use the water to clean the floor and then you can burn incense.

The effect of salt will help “recharge new life” for the indoor environment, making clean space to welcome positive energy sources to your home or office.

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Saltwater attracts wealth

Put coins in a bowl of saltwater and place in areas with poor energy. By absorbing negative energy, saltwater improves the prosperity of homes and some areas of life.


Follow these steps: – Put salt in a bowl or glass, take up the bowl.

Choose to see the date and place 6 coins in a circle in the bowl. Remember to put the positive side (the positive side has another character) of the coin facing up.

Add water and place the bowl on a cloth (because salt and water when crystallized will destroy the bowl surface).

Do not cover the bowl mouth. Leave the water bowl in the same position for a year, avoid moving or touching. If shifted, the negative energy accumulation into the bowl may be broken.

Leaving a bowl of water for a year is best, but after a year, when you have completed the purpose of absorbing the negative energy in the house into the bowl of water, remove that bowl.

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 The effect of salt in fighting negative energy, bringing good luck

Feng shui cure with salt water is a popular method in feng shui to neutralize the potential negative effects of bad stars every year in a home or office.

People often buy a bowl of salt filled to the top, not over the mouth.

Because of the effect of salt, in the folk verse, there is a phrase “buy salt at the beginning of the year and buy lime at the end of the year” to talk about Vietnamese customs and habits in the new year. Ancient people conceived salt as salty, anti-malignant, banished evil spirits, and brought many blessings in the family.

Buying salt at the beginning of the year is also meaningful in the culinary culture, emotional culture, it brings greatness to family relationships, harmony between husband and wife and children. It can be said that salt has a very important position and is just behind rice.


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