What are some bad habits that will make you become ugly you should remove?

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It’s definitely worth taking a look at some bad habits we do and think that are more obvious to others than ourselves. You can make changes that increase your attractiveness, and lead to more success in all types of relationships.

I once watched a popular science program in Japan (林先生が驚く初耳学). After that, I never dared cross my legs again. The reason is that crossing my legs will make my face bigger.

The program analyzes the specific reasons for this:

Crossing your legs can cause distortion of the pelvis, and the effect can extend to the face. When one leg is tilted over the other, the force applied to the left and right legs will be different, and the stronger leg muscles will be more developed, thereby pulling the pelvis down to one side.

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The twisting of the pelvis can also affect the ridge, leading to an imbalance at the shoulder and neck, and the skull can be displaced. That’s how some people get their uneven shoulder.

Eventually, the lymph and blood circulation in the head and neck will be blocked, resulting in facial edema. Some people will grow spots and wrinkles in their faces.

How do you tell if your pelvis is tilted?

Start by sitting flat on the ground, keeping your heels together. Your feet will appear in a V shape, and your pelvis will be in its normal position. Then let your legs relax naturally, and if your feet lean to the right, your pelvis is tilted to the right.

Bad smartphone posture

As the Daily Mail reported back in 2012, if you sit for hours with your head tilted slightly forward, staring at a screen on your phone or computer, you may shorten the muscles of your neck, increase the pull on your cheeks, and droop your chin into a cell phone face.

In 2014, Dr. Kenneth Hansraj, chief of spine surgery at New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, concluded that our heads weigh about 10 pounds, but the greater the angle at which the neck bends forward, the greater the weight received by the pillar.

The neck is already under so much stress, combined with gravity, that the neck muscles atrophy and become flabby, and it’s easy to get a double chin.

Promise me you’ll always look at your phone like the three on the left.


You can also schedule a break every hour away from your computer screen to stretch your neck muscles.

Over mastication

One of the main reasons why chewing gum can make your face look bigger is that the masseter muscles become more developed.

You put your hand on your Chin, and you bite your teeth, and you feel two muscles getting bigger and bigger, and when you don’t, they pull back, and those are the masseuses.

When we chew gum, these two muscles get to work, and if they work too long, they get more and more developed, and the face may look naturally larger than the original face.

Too much salty food

Many bad eating habits can also change our faces. Sometimes you drink too much water at night and may wake up with a swollen face because you have too much water in your body to let it out.

Many people who eat heavy food are also prone to edema, especially those who like eating too salty food.

It is recommended to eat more light food, which is not only good for the body but also good for the skin. If you find it hard, start by eating more fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes, oranges, Kiwis — these have their own antioxidants.


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