What to serve with fish cakes is the best?

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Do you want to know what to serve with fish cakes is the best? Within that triangle of taste there is endless possibility for variation: from a classic cod-salmon fish cake with steamed spinach and a silky, chive-flecked beurre blanc; via mackerel-forward cakes served with roasted beetroot and a warm horseradish cream; to tuna cakes with a loose and oily salsa verde and smoky, grilled courgettes.

So, What to serve with fish cakes is the best? Indeed, it is probably easier to discuss what patently does not work with fishcakes:

So, What to serve with fish cakes is the best?

More carbs

Chips, fries, mash, no. Too much of a good thing. This dish is already circa 50% potato (more if the pub kitchen is economising). See also, rice, couscous, bread.

Mushy peas

With a fishcake? That is a whole lot of clag.

With a fishcake? Mushy peas is a whole lot of clag

With a fishcake? Mushy peas is a whole lot of clag

Parsley sauce

From 1980s school canteens to the freezer aisle, an unholy pallid gunk.

Tartare sauce

Yes, it makes sense, in its flavours. But the fish cake is a much drier beast than fish and chips, where the glossy batter lubricates each mouthful. Tartare is too thick a condiment to work here.

Tomato-based sauces

HTE fully concedes that in southern France or Campania, there are probably people who can combine fish, onions, fresh tomatoes, garlic and olive oil in ways that would blow its tiny mind. But sadly, HTE was born in Manchester not Marseille, and early experiences of tired, mealy frozen cod in awful, flatly under-seasoned tomato stews have left it with a deep mistrust of the fish-tomato interface.

This is further compounded by the fact that, just as tartare is too thick for fishcakes, cooked tomato sauces are often too thin and watery. Sit your fishcake in a moat of tomato sauce, rather than beurre blanc or hollandaise, and its bottom will become unappetisingly soggy. See also: tomato salsas, anything with a red pepper base, in fact any (gloopy, ill-defined) cooked sauce on the whole ratatouille-piperade flavour axis.

Lemon wedges


If you feel your fishcake needs a splash of lemon, work it carefully into the mix as a seasoning, rather than leaving people to haphazardly jet-wash patches of their plate with citrus.

If you feel your fishcake needs a splash of lemon

If you feel your fishcake needs a splash of lemon


Again, too thick (unless deployed in a cream of some sort) and too, well, pesto-y. The dominant flavour of any food involving pesto is pesto – and fantastic as that often is, it feels reductive here.

Baked beans

Grow up.

Hot sauce

Not everything needs chilli heat. Fishcakes, least of all.

Cold salads

Not only does pairing a fishcake with a cold salad create a potentially jarring jumble of flavours, but it is one of British food’s great fallacies that eating a cold salad alongside a warm main component is a desirable situation. Much less a cold salad that, sat in a warm sauce, has wilted in the heat, collapsing into its depths. There are exceptions to that rule. The fishcake is not one of them.


No. No pointless frills. No fronds. No crisscrossed chives or (making a comeback, HTE notes with dismay), ornamental pea shoots.

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