When can I change my belly piercing? – Quick tips for you

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[when can i change my belly piercing]Here are the guidelines to help you get the best preparation when deciding to go, from preparation to care and pain when u change your belly piercing

The preparation step is very important

Just like any transformation in your body, determine if this is what you really want, regardless of where the piercing is.

Even if your decision is sudden, step into the salon with confidence in the spirit of comfort like other normal customers. If not, you may regret it. Surely you can eliminate it, but it also wastes money and time. In addition, you will have no choice but to face the pain.

You should eat healthy foods and do not use alcohol before piercing. Because if the body is not in the best condition, the piercing will only make you more painful and uncomfortable.

For finding a reputable piercer, comments and recommendations are something you need to consider. Some workers will be granted even though piercing is not their strength, or they may be interns at the store. However, the most accurate evaluation is to poll the customers they have done. Because word of mouth will help a lot.

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Pain is normal

One of the most common mistakes you can make is to ask people who have been advised that it hurts. Due to the different places of each person, so the first time pain could only be stabbed like a slight pinch for the next piercing. In general, the piercing site is the least painful, probably two earlobes because there are fewer nerves there than elsewhere. At the same time, there is no other part of the body that can cause  as many complications as this position, because we accidentally rub it while sleeping and when using a mobile phone.

The breasts and genitals are the most painful areas of the piercing because they are completely opposite to the ear lobes: extremely sensitive, concentrated in many vessels and neurons. Remember that each body has a different level of pain tolerance, and your advice is big enough to help you endure the pain. Besides, if you have a good preparation by not drinking and eating healthy food, your body will be in the best condition and it will not be as painful as you think.

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The way of care is always very influential

Once you have really pierced, keeping it clean will greatly affect the recovery process. Although most stores will recommend physiological saline for cleaning, you should use more natural methods, such as sea salt or water. Dissolve some sea salt in a glass of water and clean 3 times a day in the piercing position. The time of a healthy wound depends a lot on the position of the piercing.


This is a general analysis of a healthy time in places that are often advised:

Earlobe: 2 months

Ear cartilage: 4 months
Hardware holes are the most painful and cause mild pain.

Eyebrows: 2-3 months
This position is usually round piercing. And if it does not form a fold, it also means that your eyebrows will become swollen and difficult to heal.

Nasal wing: 4 months
Start attaching a rivet instead of piercing it because it is harder to heal. The tissue usually tends to suck in foreign objects when they are healthy, often not advising them to stop them.

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Infection is normal

Another way to ensure that the piercing position is not infected during healing is to make sure that the jewelry you choose is of the best quality. Many high-end studios use jewelry from reputable suppliers like Body Vision LA, Anatametal or anywhere that offers premium titanium implants.

You should not be too worried when going to prestigious places, because they have a lot of experience in this. If an infection occurs, you will see pus. However, do not confuse pus discharge and infection because pus fluids are of course. They are just a combination of plasma, blood and dead skin.

Pus due to infection usually has a fishy smell and is often in areas that are easy to scratch, and the infected area will often turn purple, you will not want to take it out because it can get stuck inside the hole when it heals. So when you get infected, look for dermatologists to help them absorb fluid and prevent infection from coming back.

You can also see the simple biological phenomenon, which is the skin around the piercings. These symptoms usually disappear over time. In addition, some symptoms such as itching, soreness or rash require you to remove the advice. It is often the result of an allergy or poor quality advice. If the pain makes you uncomfortable, seek professional help immediately!


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