Where Does Power Come From? – Community Principles

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Where does power come from? In comics and movies, superheroes possess an incredible power or skill, and he must decide whether to use it for domination or the public good. For the rest of us, strength is not entirely dynamic. More importantly, it rarely belongs to us.

Power often comes in the form of a certain leadership position, and instead of a fight between good and evil, we have to struggle with what kind of leadership to become.

It would be a mistake – and a common mistake – to assume that power will come with greater control. This is a fascinating mistake because people naturally seek greater control over their lives.

However, for the servant leader, power or control is not a goal, but a collection of sacred obligations to the organization (community, group) that comes from the members.
With the right view, entering a leadership position is not the same as becoming an esper power from a radioactive explosion, but it still opens up countless new opportunities to serve others better. Instead, parts of the location are confused with power, so they are considered tools used in service tasks.

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Commercial tool

Writers and scholars have organized countless lists of so-called Muslim principles. Often, these will include everything, from listening, to community building, to the essential features of philosophy. Although these lists are useful as resources, just keep in mind a simple illustration to capture the core element:

Leaders who are not in front of a group, are watched. Which is in the back of the group, making sure everyone moves together and no one is left behind.
As a servant leader, you should know that your team is not there to make you look good; You are responsible for supporting your team, collectively and individually, to ensure that everyone has the support, direction, and confidence needed

set to succeed. In some cases, this may mean listening, providing emotional support or even using persuasive skills to get people on board. These are the tools of a servant leader, soft skills and communication skills that leaders use to provide great service.
The tools and skills you need to do this will be very different and getting them depends on your willingness to invest time and energy to know your team’s strengths and weaknesses. It is best to work closely with them, rather than directing them from afar.

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Golden rule

A great example of both ideals and failures of public sector leaders in the public. Elected, or in other words, state officials are undoubtedly servants or at least, they are said to be. Important civilian figures have been surveyed about what they think is a good leader, and among the top four qualities of civil servants is altruism, meaning putting their responsibilities up to their components before their interests or benefits.

Now, if the skepticism in you is to dismiss public officials from declaring their altruism and honesty, remember that, as a leader, you now have the opportunity to consolidate. or against these negative prejudices.
If you hate seeing your representative support your friends and supporters just because they can why accept it from yourself? Tired of knowing that your elected leaders are out partying, traveling and getting all the benefits available to them instead of working for you. Do you often reward yourself with gifts to colleagues?

To assess whether you are applying double standards as a leader, consider seriously which behaviors are disgusting and disappointing in public officials and officials. elected. The success or failure rate may vary, but the negative image they create is the same.

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