Who knows the name of this fruit, its benefits for good health?

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Who knows the name of this fruit, long treasured in the Asian culture, key to so many traditional Eastern celebrations! Read more below.

This fruit is the mighty pomelo! Originating from Asia and the Pacific region, this beauty comes in a variety of colours, from deep red like this one here, to rose pink or even yellow!

Due to its perfect round shape and tart sweet taste, it is regarded as a symbol of family unity and abundance.This is why it’s often eaten during festivities such as the Lunar New Year & Mid-Autumn Festival!⠀

Check out its health benefits :⠀⠀

-⁣ Contains zinc and Vitamin B1, which encourage hair growth and prevent hair thinning.

– Excellent source of potassium, helping with muscle cramps and maintaining bone health.

– Strong nutritional value : Including its vitamin, mineral, and organic content like vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin B6, and magnesium.

– Pomelo Health Benefits

+ Boosts Immunity

+ Aids in Digestion


+ Regulates Blood Pressure

+ Weight Loss

+ Prevents Cramping

+ Improves Bone Health

+ Anti-aging Properties

+ Oral Health

+ Improves Wound Healing

+ Hair Care


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