Women wearing what colours attract men the most?

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Do you know what colours attract men the most? The laws of attraction are influenced by many factors including the shades you wear. If you want to look nice just do some research on colour theory.

What colours attract men? What about how colours can impact on your an all-important first date? Depending on the type of attention you want, plus thinking about the signals you want to give off, I’ve got some tips for you.

RED shades

Recent relationship research has confirmed it – if you’re a ‘lady in red’ you’re more likely to bag a hot date. On the whole you’ll attract men with high energy as well as high libidos and men who like strong women.

GREEN shades

Funny enough green is also a popular colour with men. Men see it as down to earth. It reflects a genuine personality but also passion because it’s the colour we associate with nature.


Black is actually versatile. And wearing black can work either way – a LBD increases attention and suggests sexiness and sophistication. But if you wear a black pullover it suggests you’re serious-minded. You’re likely to attract a serious guy.

PINK shades


Guys assume you’re feminine and flirty. But on the downside they might also think you’re a bit of a ‘princess’ wanting your way. Remember though, a dazzling hot pink suggests you’re a bit of a sex kitten.

WHITE: Men will probably assume you’re someone who likes everything ‘just so’ with a perfectionist streak. If they like everything just so they’ll find this attractive.

BLUE shades

Different shades of blue give off different signals. For example, navy looks more serious. And unless it’s in a really trendy style, men say it comes across as a bit boring. A no-no if you’re trying to attract him! But sling on something in turquoise and men say they expect you to be fun and lively.

It’s good to remember that it’s fantastic to wear a killer outfit but make sure you’re comfortable in it. It’s not a good look if you can’t balance on your new heels that are sky high. Feeling self-conscious as you wobble with every step all evening definitely takes away from your confidence.

Or you might love that slinky new cocktail dress but if the skinny straps keep slipping off your shoulders, you’ll be yanking them up all night.

So make sure while you work that outfit, it’s working for you.


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