The Energised Feng Shui Items for Home, Wealth, Good Luck

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There are ample of ways to attract wealth, good luck in your lives using feng shui items. It is just a matter of finding the right consultant. The right guidance can multiply your wealth. The results start showing up pretty soon with the proper placement of feng shui items.


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We present to you top 5 Feng Shui Items for wealth, good luck in your home :

1. Dragon

Dragon is one of main animals (or mythical beasts) in Feng Shui. It is one of the four celestial animals and was traditionally a symbol of the emperor. It is also a metaphor of a strong and powerful male (whereas the phoenix is the symbol of the empress).

Dragon is one of main animals (or mythical beasts) in Feng Shui

The dragon can be used to boost the Qi in an area of your home. For instance, if the East area is lacking or missing, placing a dragon there is said to help. Also, if the left side of your house is lower than the right side, placing a dragon on the left is said to help too. Wood is the preferable material for this use.

The dragon should be placed at the living room, dining room, home office, and not in low-energy areas such as garage, restroom, or closets. The material of the dragon should be used according to the five elements determined by the room’s location in the Bagua.

Here’s another note. The dragon is said to favor water. So if you live close to water, such as a river or an ocean, you can place the dragon so it faces towards the bodies of water through the window. The water should be clean and not a gutter or a water recycling plant.

The dragon can also be used to attract wealth. However, not all of us are suitable for this. You should consult an expert to find out whether a wealth setup with Dragon is suitable for you.

2. Turtle

The tortoise, being one of the four celestial animals, represents North or the back side of your home. It symbolizes longevity, support, and protection, similar to the animal’s life-span and how the shell protects the turtle.

The tortoise, being one of the four celestial animals, represents North or the back side of your home


Some experts use a stone tortoise to cure the negative Feng Shui energy coming from outside the house. It can be placed on your balcony or around your front door with the shell facing the incoming Xa Qi (negative energy).

Another use is to place it at the back of your home. This is applicable only when the back of your home is downward sloping or is lacking the “support” . In this instance, the tortoise can be made of stone or bronze in this instance.

3. Three Legged Frog

Three Legged Frog

The three legged money frog is said to be excellent guardian to family money and protects the fortunes. If you wish someone lots of wealth, gift them this treasure for a lifetime.

4. Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is also used as a beautiful decoration in many offices and homes. This happy looking symbol of a laughing man adds a joyful spirit to any space and it helps to create a vibrant and auspicious Feng Shui energy.

5. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo plant available in 2, 3 and 4 layers is one of the most popular Feng Shui items. It is an extremely easy to care plant that can survive in any kind of light. Lucky Bamboo is said to attract auspicious chi energy.


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