6 Reasons You Should Join The Yoga Journal Conference

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If you are interested in Yoga, have practiced Yoga, taught Yoga or have not even heard of Yoga before, I strongly advise you to learn about the Yoga Journal Conference next year if you are in this area and want to knit alternate Yoga experience on your travels. After that, you will understand why teachers and students from all over the world gathered at this event to practice carpeting together. You will be convinced by the following 6 reasons to consider attending future conferences

1. Learn and practice yoga with the world’s top yoga teachers

The Yoga Journal Conference brought together more than 50 top Yoga teachers and health care professionals from all over the world – easily you often have the opportunity to learn from a lot of experienced teachers at one Is this place like this? I can only attend 2 for 4 days of the event, but just over 48 hours I attended Ashtanga classes with Clayton Horton and David Swenson, a Vinyasa class with Jared McCann, a Ayurveda lecture by Dario Calvaruso, a teaching assistant to practice workshops with Tryphena Chia, and a Yin class to recover with Chris Su. Other famous teachers who taught at the event included Ana Forrest, Patrick Creelman, Tymi Howard and Carolyn Cowan, these are just a few of the names of the teachers at the Conference.

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2. Experience a variety of subjects and classes

The biggest problem I encountered while attending the Yoga Journal Conference was the class options I wanted to attend. I wish I could split up to attend all classes because at any given time there are at least 2-3 classes that I want to attend. You might think that a Yoga conference will only offer classes and seminars on Yoga, this is without a doubt.

In 4 days, not only classes focused on different styles of posture (asana) such as Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin and Kundalini, there are also sessions and lectures on meditation, routing, philosophy, Anatomy, Ayurveda, astrology, self-development, Reiki, Yoga business, Yoga therapy and more. As David Swenson shared during the conference, an event like this event is essentially a buffet – try little things and see what suits you best.

Organizers have also considered the fact that participants attend meetings from all cultures, different levels of practice, so they arranged for direct translation assistance (currently only available in Chinese). ) to ensure many people attend the lessons. Classes are also organized to suit every level of practice, – whether you are a Yoga novice, have practiced for many years or are a Yoga teacher looking to specialize in knowledge and teaching skills. teach her.

3. Participate in free community classes

Free class? You don’t read wrong! The Yoga Journal Conference has provided many free seminars and lectures for the community to participate in – no tickets required. The teachers organized a series of classes including a Yoga class for children, a sharing session on vegetarianism, a women’s circle, community meditation, etc.

4. Visit and shop at yoga product stalls


At the Yoga Journal Conference, about 50 brands participated in the booth exhibition. You can imagine a lot of stalls selling Yoga clothes. Very much! There are stalls selling Yoga tools such as carpets, blocks and other props, meditation tools and books. All booths come from brand names and prestige like Manduka, Pure Apparel … If you are doing business in this field, this is an opportunity for you … to stock up with cheap prices. A little tip is that some of the stores have great promotions and the last hour, the last day of the Conference. Low price products, can be as low as a few tens of thousands of Vietnam dong.

5. Meet yogi from all over

A large-scale conference like Yoga Journal Conference is a great opportunity to meet Yoga lovers from all countries and workout platforms. People went from far away to the event – during the conference, I met people from the United States, Italy, Korea, Australia, Spain, Taiwan, the United States, Germany, and Costa Rica. Make the most of meetings with like-minded people, and be part of the community.

6. Learn other yoga courses and learn about 8 branches of Yoga

Is yoga practice to touch your toes and bring your feet behind your head? Not necessarily so. Let’s start by exploring the definitions of Yoga. There are many ways to express Yoga, – linking, converging, connecting, eliminating the fluctuations of the mind … One of the common ways to understand what Yoga practice is through the eight branches of Yoga. You will fully experience these 8 branches at the Conference with various practice classes including physical postures, controlled breathing, meditation, moral discipline, and personal observation.

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