What color wallet is lucky 2020 for all zodiac

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What color wallet is lucky 2020 for all zodiac. Using a smart feng shui wallet to attract the wealth of wealth to you is always the way the giants pay great attention.

According to Feng Shui, good feng shui helps you create a favorable environment and helps attract resources to you. Your wallet is considered a symbol of your fortune, so a wallet is not just for paper, for money, but also for collecting money.  

Therefore, it is not possible to choose purses according to random tendencies but rather to choose fate so that it will not affect your fortune.  

A wallet with rarely used old receipts, photos and cards is a picture of poverty, dispersion, fear, and chaos, in stark contrast to open energy. and ready to receive the fortune of the wallet.

So, make sure you have a clean and regularly renewed wallet, don’t cramp your wallet with things you don’t need. Always keep your wallet in a safe, clean place that can easily be found.  

How to choose the best wallet for yourself? Below we will give you basic feng shui information on how to choose the best wallet according to your destiny; A wallet can help you attract and keep your fortune with you.  

Select wallet according to par and color  

Destiny Fire  

In feng shui, color is considered to be the most powerful expression of specific energy, called feng shui elements. If you are destined for Fire, you should choose a red, green, purple, or orange purse to avoid: black, gray, dark blue.  

Red is an auspicious color considered to attract wealth and fortune. Red is often chosen by people because they believe that good things will come to them.  

Green is also a great color choice for a Fire parer’s wallet. It represents freshness.  

Destiny metal

If you are destined to Kim, you should choose a purse that is yellow, white, silver-gray, and should be avoided: red, pink.  

Red is a strong color, but it should not be used by the person destined for Kim because it can harm your fortune.  

Destiny Earth

Colors suitable for the Earth Destiny are pale yellow, brown-yellow, poured, pink, orange, purple to avoid: dark green, blue, green.  

Blue is the color of feng shui elements Water is an ancient symbol of abundance; This makes blue a very good choice for a good feng shui wallet. However, for the Tho people, this is not recommended.  

Brown is probably the most popular wallet color after anvil), because there are so many beautiful skin motifs and natural color variations that make this choice so appealing. However, brown is the color of the Earth Destiny, it may not be the best option for those with Fire or Water.  

Destiny Wood  

Colors suitable for Jupiter are black, blue, and green should be avoided: dark yellow, earth brown, silver-white, light yellow.  


Black is also the color of Feng Shui elements, so it is a great choice for wallet colors, especially for those whose born element is the destiny of Wood and Water.  

Destiny water

Colors matching with Destiny are black, white, so avoid red, orange, purple, yellow, brown, light brown, green.  

Of course, you can find purses with more colors than the most popular types listed here. However, the better the color, the more fortune will come to you.  

Choose your wallet by style  

The design of the wallet is very important, usually, the long-design wallets, which can hold money, identification papers, open and open in handy, do not wrinkle the paper will bring more luck to Its owner.  

You should avoid choosing wallets with weird and unusual designs that will affect your fortune. If you want to be rich, the best way is that you should choose an imported wallet so that the coins inside will not be wrinkled, dislodged, so that the new fortune is increased.  

Keep your wallet clean and tidy  

Instead of putting money in your pocket all the time, you need to put money in every drawer of your wallet. Money stored in the drawer means that your money will increase day by day and you will become richer.  

You should also avoid leaving empty compartments without money, which will destroy your fortune. Besides, you can add coins to the wallet. A coin made from metal means a needle, so it draws more talent into your wallet.  

Money and papers must be neat and tidy to ensure the harmony in each compartment, to avoid cases of wrinkled or wrinkled papers.  

The wallet must be designed openly and conveniently. The wallet also leaves your impression in the eyes of others. They may know what you are like when you look at your wallet.  

Taboos with the wallet  

In the process of using the wallet, you can get the old wallet from others. You should not accept those wallets, whether it is a brand name or intact.  

You do not know whether their talents are good or bad, when you use them, if they are good, then they will be bad and seriously affect your skills. So don’t regret the money, buying a new wallet for yourself is essential.  

Also, you must never give your wallet away or throw it away. When your wallet is old, replace it and make it a souvenir, not giving away your wallet.  

If your money is good, giving away your old wallet will dissipate your fortune. If your fortune is not good, giving the wallet will affect the recipient’s fortune. So even if your wallet is old but not damaged, it is not to give.  

Photos and invoices are the two things that need to be restricted to your wallet. Images of relatives or lovers will disturb your wealth, reducing wealth.  

Receipts or invoices are things that represent the amount of money you have to spend or lose. To avoid this in your wallet.  

* The information in this article is for reference only, wish readers will have an optimistic view, have fun and have good luck in life.  see more feng shui 2020 for wallet 


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