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[When are limes in season] Lemonade is a wonderful beverage that many people love during summer days. However, few people know its amazing benefits such as helping you strengthen your immune system, helping your digestive system, regenerating skin or losing weight effectively.

Improve immune system

Lemon juice contains a lot of vitamin C, this is a vitamin that helps boost the immune system, prevent colds and flu. According to nutritionist Michele Chevalley Hedge lemon also enhances the body’s ability to absorb iron, which is essential for a healthy immune system. Chevalley said, “Vitamin C can enhance the ability of non-hene to accumulate a type of iron that is four times more plant-based.”

Overcome heartburn, constipation

Lemon works to reduce common stomach problems such as nausea, heartburn, “destroy” harmful bacteria. If you maintain the habit of drinking lemonade regularly, you can rule out the risk of constipation. When you have bloating, indigestion, want to quickly remove the discomfort, you can also drink a glass of lemonade to improve the situation.

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Skin Recreation

According to Chevalley, lemon is a very useful food in fighting skin aging. Antioxidant properties are expressed in the elimination of free radical damage, free radicals are the source of signs of aging. “We all know lemon contains vitamin C to help synthesize collagen, reduce wrinkles. Vitamin C is necessary for the synthesis of amino acids into collagen and the task of collagen is to link the tissues together and keep the skin. be toned, “Chevalley said.

Clean skin

To have beautiful and bright skin, the two elements of water and vitamins are the most important, but both are in lemon juice. Water moisturizes the skin, helps to keep your skin dry and blurs the dark under the eyes. The amount of vitamin C in lemon helps your skin not oxidize, preventing most signs of premature aging.

Make the breath clean

The antiseptic properties of lemon juice help kill harmful bacteria in the mouth. A glass of lemonade is also a way to keep you awake and more profitable than using coffee.

There is no experimental evidence yet about the optimal temperature of lemonade, however, Chevalley Hedge recommends using lemon juice at room temperature. “Most health experts agree that room temperature is the temperature close to our body temperature and has little reaction to the digestive system.”

Chevalley said that a large amount of lemon juice could be needed to damage tooth enamel, but if you’re worried about it, rinse your mouth with clean water after using a glass of lemonade.

Balance pH

Lemon is one of the alkaline-rich foods that are good for the body with a suitable pH because having too much acid in the body can easily lead to infections. According to Chevalley: “Lemon juice is alkaline while most of us have an acid-rich body. However, food researchers still mistakenly believe that lemons are an acidic substance during food. they are alkaline”.

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Weight loss


Experts said that if you want to lose weight effectively, you should drink lemon juice every day, it will help hydrated muscles make them perform well functioning, promote energy and health. Lemon juice can help you manage your hunger, but your stomach maintains enough water and fiber.

If you want to achieve a faster weight loss effect, add honey to lemon juice, which will make the stomach perfectly balanced.

Control blood pressure

Today, many people suffer from blood pressure problems due to the abuse of pre-processed foods that cause stress and lack of sleep. If you want your blood pressure to stabilize without taking medicine, lemon juice is your medicine. Lemon juice helps you circulate blood vessels and improve circulation. Drinking lemon juice will provide potassium and natural energy to reduce stress and help you sleep better.


Want to quickly reduce fever, avoid electrolyte disorder, immediately drink a cup of fresh lemonade, will be effective immediately.

Lemon juice has many health effects, which doesn’t mean you can drink insatiably. According to experts, if you are healthy and have normal body weight, you should drink half a lemon mixed with water, split twice daily. If overweight, you can drink a glass of lemon juice (a lemon) every day.

Cure sore throat

Experts say antioxidants and antibacterial properties in lemon can prevent infections and eliminate harmful chemicals in the body. Lemon juice not only helps you regulate healthy breathing but also helps protect your throat and tonsils, treating asthma.

Help the wound heal

Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, heal wounds on the body and is also an important nutrient for maintaining the health of bones, tissues, and cartilage; while reducing inflammation in the body.

According to Chevalley, vitamin C moves in the body and neutralizes free radicals. These free radicals can interact with healthy cells in the body, destroying the cell membrane and causing inflammation.

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Liver detoxification

Lemon juice also acts as a liver detoxifier. It cleanses the liver and enhances liver activity by increasing the production of bile acid, an essential acid for digestion. Lemon juice also helps control excess bile, reduces the amount of sputum produced in the body and help dissolve gallstones.

With the advantages of lemon so good, you should have a little indoor to prevent and use to bring the best health for everyone in the family.


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