How To Connect With God Through Meditation

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People often seek communication with angels for guidance, protection, and inspiration. Or people may want to contact an angel to heal spiritually or emotionally. So How to connect with God through meditation?

Connecting with angels, spiritual guidance, and other components of spiritual school is also a powerful way to promote your spiritual growth. Angels and other spirits want to help you; All you need to do is ask for help

They can raise their awareness by raising the frequency of their vibrations to get along with their higher ego. The higher one’s consciousness is, the easier it is to establish communication with people who live in higher levels of consciousness, such as angels, guardians, and spiritual instructions.

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How to achieve this?

The best method to establish communication with angels is through meditation. Meditation relaxes the body and reassures you, allowing your spiritual awareness to surface, thus allowing communication with the Spirit District to take place. There are many ways to meditate. Breathing exercises, self-hypnosis, yoga, and meditation are just a few of them. Use any method you feel most comfortable with.

During meditation, it is possible to hold an angel stone (or stone) in hand, or a person can be placed on the forehead to facilitate the opening of the third eye chakra through which the angelic media takes place. Using one of these stones will help one in reaching higher realms, where angels can be connected. Before meditating with stone, however, the energy of the stone must be cleaned and loaded properly before use.

When seeking contact with angels, one should do so with a sense of gratitude. Gratitude has strong vibrations and gratitude before receiving anything that can facilitate the establishment of angelic relationships and can also encourage you to respond faster and more strongly to Your questions and requests. And expressing your gratitude once you receive what you ask will help facilitate any future connection with the spiritual school.

While meditating, keep the intention of finding an angelic connection that is firmly placed in the forefront of your mind. If you want to connect with a special angel, such as your guardian angel or an Archangel like Gabriel or Raphael, include this according to your intentions. Keep your reason for contacting angels at the forefront of your mind. Which question or request do you intend to ask the angel?

Once you have reached the state of meditation, imagine yourself surrounded by white light. See your third eye-opening, and your intention to contact an angel broadcasting out of this opening towards the spiritual realm. Express from within the desire to be connected to the highest source of guidance available to you (or more specifically, your guardian angel or spiritual guide).

Identify yourself as a white light rising toward the larger light. See so, when you stand up, walk behind you is a silver thread, like an umbilical cord, connecting your spirit to your natural self. This silver thread will direct you back to your physical body when it’s time for you to come back.

Continue to express your intention to contact the angel, promote that intention and develop it. Keep your mind open and ready to receive a connection. Just drop your body and allow it to happen.


How can I know when to contact?

For most people, the time to recognize you need to communicate is simply from inner insights. You can’t see them or listen to them, but you can use intuition to feel their presence.

Others who possess spiritual gifts of intelligence or intuition will communicate differently. Clairvoyants will “look” at the angel, usually a white or yellow light, aura, or dew; or sometimes it may appear under the image of a person. Spiritual instructions may appear in any form, usually, animals, although they may also appear as light, colors, symbols, shapes, or even people, also as many other forms.

Those with the gift of magic will “hear” the angel, although what they hear may not necessarily be in the form of words, but may also be in the form of sounds.

And sensitive people will “feel” the angel. This feeling can take many forms, such as vibrations or emotions (such as peace, love, and serenity) or the presence of aura that can be felt.

Is there another way to connect God?

Another way to find an angelic connection is through dreams. Put an angel stone under your pillow or hold one in your hand when you drift off to sleep. Your intentions and questions put firmly at the forefront of your mind. Try to keep your mind clear from any other irrelevant thoughts, and keep it focused on your intent until you fall asleep.

After waking up, immediately record whatever you remember in your dream, as well as your first thoughts and emotions, even if it doesn’t make sense. It is important to do this immediately, before doing anything else, so that your thoughts and memories from the dreamland are not contaminated, deformed, or reshaped by any What from outside physics. The meaning or answer you seek may not be immediately obvious. Don’t let this stop you. Be patient and remain open and let the meaning or answer come to you. You will recognize it when it appears

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