Instructions for choosing yoga leg warmers pants

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Yoga is one of the subjects that brings the most benefits to practitioners. Therefore, choosing the right yoga exercises also plays an important role to help the exercise process achieve better results. This article is synthesized and sent to you how to choose yoga leg warmers so that it is also beautiful and comfortable for Yoga.

Some first criteria when choosing Yoga exercises

 +) Easy to adjust movements: While doing yoga exercises often requires a good balance. Therefore, the use of body-hugging costumes just right, it will help you easily adjust your movements properly.

+) Comfortable, confident for trainees: Like other sports, using the right clothes when exercising will help you get comfortable – confident, easy to move. Clothes need to be made of good absorbent materials, airy so that you don’t have to sweat when practicing.

+) Easy to exercise: In yoga, there are also many flexing, bending actions … so if you do not choose too tight exercise, it will make you more susceptible to muscle pain, sweat and irritation body movement.

1. How many yoga suits should you have?

If you only practice for a few weeks, you only need 2 sets to be ready for practice. Especially when practicing Yoga in high temperature, sweating, bring one more kit to change.

choose female yoga exercise clothes

If you are a regular workout almost every day, you should have at least 4 yoga suits to change, you can even buy more.

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2. Women’s Yoga clothing material

If you have a little sweat, choose yoga clothes made of cotton (jute) and jute (good airflow, very soft) because they won’t create a tight feeling. If you are a person who is sweating a lot, do not choose cotton, choose sports polyester yarns because they help clothes dry quickly and do not cause discomfort when sweating like cotton.

Should choose the product with high elasticity (spandex, spun yarn, spandex …), but still retain the “position” when moving, prioritizing materials that have effects to absorb sweat. Soft and elastic materials will make it easier to make yoga movements more difficult

The durability of clothing also needs to be considered, because while practicing Yoga, you will perform many stretching, bending, or even rolling movements on the floor, so you need a soft but solid outfit.


cotton and polyester

The kind of yoga clothes you should choose
Clothing made from an elastic material so you can bend, move, and rotate easily.
Breathable fabrics, meshable – will help absorb sweat and keep you cool and dry.
Sleeveless or short sleeves will be easy for your arms and shoulders to be flexible in Yoga class.
Should not choose:
Not wearing hard clothes like jeans, khaki, … will limit your movement.
Clothing has many bulky and complicated accessories.
Clothing that is too large can help you feel comfortable, but it is important to note that when practicing bowing movements such as Downward-Facing Dog will make you blush when there are many people in the classroom.

3. Choose the appropriate Women’s Yoga style

Yoga clothes: Bra, tank top, mesh, shorts, legging pants, legging pants, sports panties, …

The clothes you choose need to meet the following criteria: Simple, comfortable and convenient. Should not choose clothes with many cumbersome decorations, rhythm, gaudy, beaded, bow tie, … to avoid getting entangled with people who create unnecessary injuries. We should choose the type with moderate design, not too tight, but not too wide for you to see the movements that you have done is standard or not.


You should not choose items that are too large because it will make you uncomfortable when training and coaches do not observe whether your posture is correct or not.

Do not wear shirts with wide necks without a sports bra inside, to avoid embarrassment and embarrassment when performing low bow movements, flipping people …

In the summer, you can wear shorts, pants to your knees, and in winter you should wear long pants to keep your body warm. If you often do stretching, then the crotch and knees should have additional pads to ensure certainty.

a. How to choose a yoga shirt:
Practicing yoga often wears a bra, you can combine it with an outer tank top or net shirt.

Choose a bra for Yoga:

Practicing yoga or exercising you cannot use ordinary bras. Must use a specialized sports bra, these types help limit fluctuations and prevent the production of impulses for women’s breasts when doing exercises.

To avoid being exposed to any nipples or any other route items, choose the right type of bra and support your body. If you own a big round 1, the V-neck bra or sports bra is the best choice.

There are some types of t-shirts with a bra (bras), but it only supports part, to practice yoga effectively, you need to wear a specialized sports bra.

Tank top t-shirt:
A tank top T-shirt with a moderate grip doesn’t fit too close to the person who will fit in all poses, because it not only makes it easy for you to practice yoga but also doesn’t get bogged down. Check if the shirt is suitable by wearing and trying some yoga exercises before you buy to make sure it suits you.

b. Instructions for choosing Yoga leg warmers:


Shorts or sports shorts are a reasonable choice, winter if the temperature is too cold can wear pants. You can also choose long leggings pants with mesh to ensure coolness and ventilation during practice.

You should not choose pants that are too slippery so you can balance well on one leg. It should be noted that the pants you choose are not too “exposed” during your exercise, as that can confuse and make you uncomfortable and confident.

It is okay to practice at home, but when you go to the gym, you do not choose pants that are too short and too tight because it can make you encounter bundles and roll up when we do movements or move. That may distract you when you have to

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