How much is a bunch of kale? – Quick tips for your health

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[how much is a bunch of kale]Kale is a precious medicinal plant, native to temperate countries. Kale is a herbaceous, perennial plant with a height of 1 – 1.5 m. Leaves are green or purple, curly, leaf stalks are long, colored according to leaves. After planting, kale vegetables can be harvested after 70 – 90 days. Kale contains antioxidants and is used in the treatment of bladder cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, colitis, constipation, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, necrosis, high cholesterol, loss of vision ( macular degeneration) and wound healing.

Kale vegetables contains fewer calories, is rich in fiber, and does not imply fat

Referring to Kale kale, the amount of copious fiber that this must-have is immediately mentioned. Not only is Kale vegetables fewer calories, and not a bit of fat. With specific figures are 36g calories, 5g fiber, 0g fat. Very suitable for people on a diet, or want to keep a slim physique. In addition, Kale kale also contains many different vitamins, folate, and magnesium, .. that support the digestive system very well.

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Kale vegetables contains high iron content

The second effect of Kale vegetables is the high content of iron in the plant. Iron is an essential element of the body that reduces anemia, enhances cell growth, enhances liver function, etc. According to studies, it has been shown that iron content is contained in mustard. Kale curly is more than in beef. So, if you want to add Iron, you should put Kale kale on your menu!

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Some proponents of full disclosure argue that Vitamin C is good for health

Kale vegetables have high levels of vitamin K


The third effect of Kale vegetables is a large amount of vitamin K. Vitamin K is a substance that helps the body strengthen its resistance, preventing the formation of cancer cells. Not only that, but vitamin K also maintains bone strength and anti-clotting. Vitamin K is also very beneficial for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Kale vegetables help very well against inflammation

Use a glass of Kale vegetablesevery day as a natural and healthy anti-inflammatory. In a Kale vegetables juice can contain up to 10% of RDA omega 3 fatty acids to help fight arthritis, asthma and autoimmune disorders.

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Kale vegetables contains strong antioxidants

In kale vegetables contain a lot of antioxidants such as carotenoids, flavonoids that prevent the growth of cancer cells. It also increases the amount of pigmentation on the skin, protects the skin against the sun and reduces the risk of skin degeneration, helping to rejuvenate the skin.


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