11 Daily Health Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based

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The daily routine greatly affects our health. So I want to share with you a few daily health tips and I think it will help you so much.

Tip 1. Get positive

Get your mind positive affects everything in your life including your health and weight loss. Everyday wake up positively by watching inspirational and motivational video or audio book. That’ll inspire you get positive right away.

Tip 2. Drink water

Drink water every morning . Try adding some lemon or lime some fruit, a couple drops of stevia make it taste good. If I skip this step my day I don’t have energy happiness for all day.

Tip 3. Move your body

Most people who have any kind of health and fitness know that moving your body is an essential. I alway find what work best for moving my body as soon as wake up in the morning whether that’s going to take a ballet class doing something in my living room, dancing around my house doing jumping, jacks squats yoga doesn’t even matter as long as I get myself moving as soon as I wake up within the first hour my day to a good start.Tip

4. Self care

Do what makes you feel good. This could be as simple as showering and brushing your teeth and making your bed in the morning and getting dressed for the day wearing something that makes you feel good. Do your hair and makeup if that’s your thing whatever makes you feel good about yourself. That make you feel good because the better you feel the more motivated you’re going to be to reach all of your health, weight loss and fitness goals

Tip 5. Green

This can be green juice, green powder mixed with water or salads get in greens as many ways as you possibly can. Enough nutrition and my number one tip for that is greens it’s high nutrient low calorie super super super good for you gonna. Make your body feel amazing basically it’s a win. Nutrition is what matters it’s gonna go straight to your brain you’re gonna feel better you’re gonna look better your skin is gonna be glowing and it’s gonna be a lot easier to stay good health

Tip 6. Don’t fearless

Super important thing is not being scared. Don’t be scared of anything don’t be scared of fat don’t be scared of protein and don’t beof calories but most importantly don’tbe scared of experimenting on your body to find out what works for you every single person is different diets. I have gone from eating primarily high carb low fat to a much higher fat diet now I have a more balancedratio of fats carbs and protein.

Tip 7. Stand up


Stand up as much as you possibly can all day, every day, all you have to do. It’s bad for your health just to be sitting down for so many hours. So that you’re not sitting for hours and hours and hours on end it will make a huge difference in the long run.

Tip 8. Sunshine and vitamins

I often sunny early in the morning to absorb vitamin d. when I can’t get enough sunshine definitely take a vitamin d3 plus k2 supplement d3 absorbs best with k2 and this is my favorite.

Number 9. well-balanced meals

It is eat really well-balanced meals that are filling in nutrient dense and will keep you satisfied for a long time. If you eat all different kinds of nutrients it will fills up your stomach, satisfies you and keeps you full all day.

Tip 10. Finish eating early

I always finish eating early I try to be done eating by six or seven o’clock every day. Finish eating two to three hours before you’re gonna go to bed. It’s really good for your health the longer period of time throughout the day that you can give your body a break.

Tip number 11. Sleep early

The earlier you go to bed the better your body has time to heal, repair, relax. Honestly between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. are the time when the body regenerates itself the most and your hormones rebalance and all of that good stuff so if you can get to bed by 10:00 p.m.

These are my experience that has done with 11 daily health tips. Now I feel I have a good health. Wish you also have good habits for your health.


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