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[Travel wallet]Life is increasingly improved, the need for eating, sleeping, vacation, entertainment, tourism is an indispensable thing. Using a travel bag, sports bags that serve that purpose are essential. But is it worth thinking about buying a travel bag, Backpacking travel bag with the right purpose? In addition to the good, useful and useful elements, it is also necessary to ask for suitable materials, designs, and purposes for example: do you travel for a short day or a long time ?.
How to choose for yourself a travel bag, beautiful sports bag not only fashionable, handy but also durable and useful to help you on long-term travel, extreme weather.

1. Select bags that must be suitable for the intended use.

If it is just a short trip, it is recommended to choose a bag of a moderate size such as a sports bag, normal size: 50x25x25 cm .. If you go to Backpacking tourism, long-term travel, you should choose designer bags which is large, empty dusty, with many compartments (shoe compartments, wet storage compartments) that you can use to Backpacking tourism, travel long distances and safely protect your personal items. So just use a bag to store the necessary items.

2. Bag selection must match the physique.

Tall and skinny body: The ones with the ideal posture can choose most styles, from large travel bags to sports bags, basically, the shape of what is worn is also beautiful. However, do not choose bags that are too small to make your body appear taller. Medium-sized bags of 50x25x25 cm or large size are perfect choices.
 Low body weight: Those who are short and light-weight should always pay attention to their body proportions. Small people should only choose small size travel bags; Should not dream big travel bags even though it is very convenient and fashionable. Big bags make you even lower and carry loads so your body will overload.

Generally to have really nice handbag products when it suits your style, physique. Travel bags, sports bags, long-time dust-and-dirt bags are suitable for you with a high physique, about 1.7 m.

Handbags, Peak performance Detour bag, Adidas, Nike bags of moderate size and style will be the ideal choice for you.

3. Need to care about materials and colors


The bag material is very important. Most genuine handbags and bags are imported from Korea and have the highest waterproofing level to help you go to small rains without getting wet inside. In addition, some travel bags, sports bags also include accessories such as pocket raincoats in case of heavy rain the wearer can cover the bag with a raincoat with a bag. This is an important detail that you can handle very well. In terms of quality, it is can’t but to pay attention to the seams, sharp sharpness, and only for sewing, it is only genuine, waterproof.
Selecting travel bags, sports bags, genuine ones that are sold with good quality prestige stores, the products are not easily damaged when exposed to water, especially the weather with a high humid climate like in Thailand. Some fabric materials will not be as durable as other materials in certain weather areas.

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4. Straps and zipper

A travel bag that fits the zipper and strap must also ensure that it is useful and durable to help you stay safe during the long journey. Currently, the bags of Adidas, the bag of The north face, the Nike bag pattern all use the YKK 1 block steel zipper to be one of the best zipper product lines in Thailand and internationally, so you can be assured to use persistently with time. For straps, you should choose strap bags that can be adjusted or removable in accordance with each specific situation and the purpose of use and design must be ventilated, meshed. , the fabric lining is very thick, the back is smooth.

That’s all my share of a travel wallet helps you to comfortable in your tour.


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