Answer the question: which of the following is the best reason to rest muscle groups between workouts?

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I have read a lot of questions about exercise tips, for example: which of the following is the best reason for rest muscle groups between workouts? So today I will answer this question with an article. Hopefully, it can answer all the questions you have.

Most people often go to the gym for two reasons: either because of improving their body shape or strengthening their health. Another important thing that you may not realize is that exercise can reduce stress.

If you constantly suffer from stress, this can lead to a decrease in your body’s energy, low performance, and even chronic illnesses such as heart disease.

By combining a number of over-the-counter stress relief exercises, you can reduce the negative effects on your body. Here are tips for you to exercise better.

Don’t let your stomach get too hungry or too full

When exercising, the muscles have to work hard, which leads to a lot of energy consumption on the body. To avoid gagging, tiredness or fainting, you need to eat a snack before exercising, and drink 0.5 liters of water so that it is better to practice sweating.

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Boot and relax

The gym is a sport that requires muscles to exercise the most, so you need to boot to heal your body. This is like a stepping stone that moves your body from a calm state to a light and strong movement. And to avoid pain or muscle spasms after exercise, you should relax to bring your body back to normal.

Arrange appropriate workout time

The Swequity Way’s gym experts say the ideal time to exercise is from 14-17pm because the morning is the most time for muscle stretching if exercise will be more prone to cramps and muscle spasms. In the evening, when the body is tired after a long day, a strong movement is not recommended. If you can not arrange a time, you can practice from about 7-9am or 14h to 19:30 pm.

Identify the purpose of the training

This is one of the things you need to know when practicing a gym is especially important. Determine what your goal is when you exercise, want to gain weight, lose weight, improve physique or simply reduce stress. Only then can you choose for yourself the right exercise method to accomplish your goals with the best results.

Training time

You are a new gym, you should practice 6 sessions/week in the first 3 months, the training time is 30 minutes/day. Take a break to relax your muscles, without getting tired after continuous exercise.

After 3 – 6 months, the party raises the practice time, so 1 hour/day, 1h30p with the training time of 6-12 months. For people who have practiced for 1 to 2 years, they should practice from 3-4 days/week and practice at least 2 hours/day. If you are not going to compete or are not a bodybuilder, do not practice too much.

Gradually increase the difficulty of the exercise

If you are new to the gym, you should not practice according to the practice style of those who have been practicing for a long time or doing exercises that are too much for their ability. The gym experts at The Swequity Way, the effectiveness of the gym does not depend on heavy or light training, more or less but it is important to practice the right technique and eat new muscles to ensure efficiency.


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Add full water

This is one of the things you need to know when doing the gym is equally important, you need to replenish the daily amount of water. During practice, you should add more water to your body than normal to make up for the amount of sweat that has escaped. Drink water before practicing for 30 minutes, take a break between breaks and drink after practice. Drink filtered water, away from gas or too sweet drinks.

Equipped with nutrition knowledge for gym people

Nutrition is a factor that plays a decisive role in 60% of the results achieved when participating in the gym. In the things you need to know when practicing the gym, you need to be knowledgeable about nutrition and build your menu to suit your training purposes.

Get enough sleep

When exercising, the most important thing is to get enough sleep. When you sleep, your body will release growth hormone, testosterone and IGF – 1. They help your body recover and improve muscle. Sleep is an effective way to help your body recover from a long workout and good sleep also helps you get great energy for the next day.

Do not abuse support drugs

You should not rely heavily on support drugs because medicine only helps supplement what the food does not provide you. In fact, no medicine can replace the appropriate diet.

Some of the rules when practicing gyms for men need attention

The mistake that many of you often make when going to the gym is to try to practice all the machines in the center from lifting weights, jogging, cardio … to quickly get a good shape. However, it is difficult to achieve the desired results if you practice in this way, while also counteracting, causing the body to become catabolism, unable to develop.

Therefore, you need to keep in mind some of the rules when practicing the following male gym:

Do not practice the same muscle group for 2 consecutive days. For the main muscle groups, it takes 72 hours to rest, while the extra muscle groups will have less rest and stay for about 48 hours.
Practice the main muscle groups and the secondary muscles alternating with each other, avoiding the case that the session is too heavy, the session is gentle.
Depending on your fitness, choose the appropriate weight level to lift from 10-12 times/round.
Should practice enough time, practice regularly, stop only when there are opinions from the coach, avoid arbitrarily stopping when feeling the body has reached.

As such, my article also helps you understand part of the question on the title. If you have additional comments, please comment below so we can develop more. Thank you for reading.


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