Complete horoscope personality 2nd december star sign

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Ready for more filled fun to find out what the stars have in store for love, career, and life for 2nd december star sign? Check out our biweekly astrology column, or learn more about each zodiac sign’s unique personality profile to find out more about your star sign.

Clear expression is needed on 2nd december star sign, for one’s authentic needs to be spoken about in ways that make things simple and easy to obtain. There is a fuzzy note to this date in the calendar, taking away a bit of clarity if overthinking takes over and quick movements distance an individual from their goals that are worth fighting for with endurance and faith. People born at this time are blessed with warmth of emotion, but too much excitement and grand expectations easily push them off track, or chasing their goals in too many directions at once.

The Zodiac 2nd December Star Sign Is Sagittarius.

– Element: Fire. Empowerment and confidence is given to those connected to the November 2 zodiac as this element is considered to rule for those full of potential and ambition.

– Astrological symbol : Archer.

+ The sign of the Archer represents people born November 22 – December 21, when the Sun is placed in Sagittarius. It suggests a willful individual aiming high but also a sympathetic person open to new experiences.

+ The Sagittarius Constellation, one of the 12 zodiac constellations is spread on an area of 867 sq degrees and its visible latitudes are +55° to -90°. The brightest star is Teapot and its neighboring constellations are Scorpius to the West and Capricornus to the East.

+ The Latin name for the Archer, the December 2 zodiac sign is Sagittarius. The French name it Sagittaire while the Greeks say it is Toxotis.

– Opposite sign: Gemini. This suggests fun and youthfulness but also means that this sign and Sagittarius can create an opposition aspect at some point, not to mention that opposites attract.

– Modality: Mobile. This offers an insight in the analytical nature of those born on December 2 and their liveliness and brightness in life in general.

– Ruling house: The ninth house. This is a space of long term transformation long distance travel. It also refers to higher education or extending knowledge by any means and also to life philosophies and in general all adventures life offers us.

– Ruling body: Jupiter. This planetary ruler symbolizes good luck and intellectuality and also reflects on courage. Jupiter as a planet has many bright colored clouds around it.

– Lucky day: Thursday. This day is representative for the philosophical nature of Sagittarius, is ruled by Jupiter and suggests authority and honesty.

– Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 18, 19, 24.

– Motto: “I seek!”


2nd December Star Sign : Love And Emotions

Emotions in lives of people born on the 2nd of December are rich and warm, guiding them in several directions at once, and might lead them into parallel relationships they never planned. Although they are loyal and respectful of others, they could get lost in their desires and make obvious choices too hazy to actually be made. Once they find their professional focus and the way to follow their truest emotions on a safe distance from emotional involvements of others, their dilemmas will fade and they will commit to finding the one person to share their adventures with.

They are warm, positive, and their optimism could get lost in too much information they receive from the outer world. It is important that they choose the one to be with, instead of being chosen and moving with the tides, for they are to take control and decide on their own fate rather than simply letting life throw them from one shore to another. Once they set their mind on the one they love, they become a bit childish and could seem less serious in their intensions than they actually are. They need someone to believe in them and read between the lines, sensitive and deeply emotional just as they are behind attitudes they present.

Positive Traits For 2nd December Star Sign

Loving, close and positive about the outcome of everyone’s efforts in this world and each relationship they make, they are caring and optimistic individuals who cherish others and feel gratitude for the smallest of things that make life magical.

Negative Traits For 2nd December Star Sign

Intertwined in expectations and emotional needs of others, they get too close, burn out, until they no longer see what they need to heal and regenerate themselves. In extremes, they close their heart to soothe others and

Career For 2nd December Star Sign

You can do very well in people-oriented careers. You are a crowd puller. Also, you have a way of making others see your point of view.

Being passionate about your beliefs, you are willing to go to great lengths to protect them. Regardless of where you are on the face of the earth, you remain true to your ideals.

You can excel as a motivational speaker, politician, or entertainer. Go ahead and make your mark in these fields.


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