Does regular jogging really reduce weight?

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Can running or jogging really reduce weight? How quickly you will lose weight will depend on a few things, such as your jogging pace, the duration of your workouts, how often you get your jogging workouts in and your current body weight.

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Jogging has the potential to help you lose a significant amount of weight relatively quickly due to the number of calories it can burn. Your jogging workouts aren’t the only component required for weight-loss success, however, as you’ll also need to simultaneously limit your calorie intake.

What I am going to say is not sexy and it doesn’t get personal trainers to earn money but heck… There it goes: In order to lose weight you need to create caloric deficit! Boom, drop the mic moment.

This is the number one weight loss mistake that I always talk about in my article and yet, people still think that it’s all about eating healthy, organic, keto, IF etc…

That being said, lets get to the point.

Can running or jogging reduce weight?

So now we know that you need to create caloric deficit in order to lose weight. How can you do that?

  • By Increasing Energy Expenditure via Physical Activity (PA)
  • By Reducing Calorie Intake via Food
  • Both Methods

Via Physical Activity

If you jogged for an hour at 60–70% of your max intensity, you would burn around 500 calories.

Say your run 5 times a week (that’s quite something!). That would mean 2500 calorie deficit just by increased PA. That alone would alow you to lose around 1.5 lbs of weight per week.

However, jogging 5 times per week is… draining. On top of that, physical activity seems to increase hunger levels so you might end up eating that same 2500 calories just because you increased PA.

Reducing Calorie Intake via Food

Another way to get yourself into caloric deficit is by simply eating less. However, say you are a female that weighs 136 pounds.


For her to lose weight, she would need to eat around 1300 calories a day. Not much…And some time later in the diet, her metabolism would slow down so she would need to eat even less in order to lose weight further.

Sucks… No one wants to starve, right?

By increasing PA and reducing food intake

This is by far the most optimal option. You create caloric deficit by PA but not to the point that you need to exercise 5 hours a week. And you cut some calories from your diet but not that many that you would need to starve yourself.

Lets talk numbers:

Say you do jogging 3x a week. That’s about 1500 calorie deficit over a week.

Along with that, you cut 200 calories from food every day. That’s another 1400 calories a week.

Just like that, without starving and life revolving around the gym, you have created almost 3000 caloric deficit over a week. That would allow to lose about 2 lbs of weight per week.

Add some fat burner on top of that and you would lose even more. But please, I beg you – use supplements that are science proven to be actually effective!

Final Thoughts

Even us, fitness trainers, tend to make weight loss very difficult process. In reality, for a regular trainee that only wants to lose some weight, a bit of PA and less food will do the trick. Yes, if you want to get to 10% of body fat or lower, things get more complicated.


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