Energizing the feng shui love corner in your bedroom

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It is never feasible for all the tips to be perfect and get everything correctly aligned to suit your most auspicious direction. Hence, if you can get 60 to 70 percent correct when applying energizing the feng shui love corner, you will be able to benefit considerably from the tips.

Energizing the feng shui love corner

  • Do make it an effort to always sleep with your head pointed to your nienyen direction.
  • Select a bedroom which is positioned in your nien yen corner.
  • Ensure that you DO NOT have your toilet in your nien yen direction.
  • Try your best to have your bedroom door facing your nien yen direction.
  • Make sure that your nien yen corner is not missing.

Applying energizing the feng shui love corner, you will be able to benefit considerably from the tips

Activate the love/relationship/marriage area of your bedroom or home

Firstly, sort out and energise the love/relationship corner of your home/apartment/bedroom. The love/relationship area of your bedroom is the top right-hand corner from the door. Make sure that you don’t have any clutter here. Keep this area vibrant, alive and sexy.

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Wooden beds and foam mattresses

The most important piece of furniture in your home is your bed. A wooden frame with a solid headboard and a good mattress without metal springs (ideally an organic foam mattress is best) should be changed every few years, but especially when one moves to a new home. Avoid metal beds, and metal spring mattresses which can amplify electro-smog.

Minimise electro-smog and dirty electricity

Switch off wifi for the night and don’t have too many electrical devices in your bedroom to minimise dirty electricity which can constantly irradiates spikes of intermediate frequency electric fields which can have serious health effects according research. Minimising any environmental stresses will help with your sleep, health and consequently with your love life. More about how to feng shui your bedroom – the most important room in your home

Sleep in total darkness

If you don’t sleep in total darkness and there is a bit of light in your bedroom, your melatonin production won’t work well, and you won’t sleep which will affect your health and mood. Wifi affects melatonin production so make sure you switch it off for the night – every night.

Placement – which is the best direction

Place your bed in a power position (in relation to the door and windows – see the chart above), making sure you have a view of the door as you lie in bed so that you can feel secure. If that’s not possible, place some reflective objects or a small mirror opposite the bed so you can see what’s behind you (if the door is behind you).



Romantic pastels and relaxing colours are the best. Avoid blue or cold colours which can have too much of a calming effect. If you already have blue walls just add touches of red or pink, for example, a cushion cover, as a symbol of passion and ‘fire’ energy – however, don’t overdo it. The colour of 2019 is the living coral colour.

Romantic pastels and relaxing colours are the best

Romantic pastels and relaxing colours are the best


If you have mirrors in your bedroom – round or oval ones are the best shape (see the tip on flowing lines and shape below). Position the mirrors so that you cannot see yourself when lying in bed. One problem when having a mirror in your bedroom might be – if you’re not sleeping in total darkness – that it would bounce light which would disturb the melatonin production which is key for good, healthy sleep.


Natural materials such as cotton, wool, linen and silk are best. Avoid synthetic materials. Silk is sensual. Hemp has fractal qualities of keeping good vibrations.

Images and symbols

Have fun, relaxing and meaningful images and symbols around to remind yourselves and prime yourselves about what you want and what is important to you as well as the good times you’ve both had so far.

Wardrobes and draws

Clutter is bad for relationships – it clogs your clarity and diminishes and stagnates your energy. Not to mention, it is stressful to look at it. Also, it can create dust and air pollution which can make you ill. Do detox on your wardrobes and draws. Keep it simple, just spend 5-15 minutes per wardrobe and ask yourself: 1) Do I need it, will I use it? 2) Do I love it? You know what to do next. Decluttering, especially during transition times is cathartic and therapeutic. I do the decluttering ritual on regular bases, around Xmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, my birthday and equinoxes and solstices or any time I feel stuck and want some positive change.

Beams, sloping ceilings, light fittings and cupboards above the bed

All these will create an uneasy feeling because subconsciously we feel unsafe when things are hanging above our heads. Position your bed away from these where.


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