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Animal crossing city folk feng shui supposedly brings good health and fortune to the members of the household. Where furniture and items are arranged in a certain way to increase the flow of positive energy throughout a house.

In the animal crossing city folk feng shui, the guidelines to Feng Shui are fairly easy. Furniture must have certain properties to contribute to Feng Shui, and it must be positioned properly in the room.

There are a few lucky items that contribute to Feng Shui without requiring specific placement, but for the most part, location is key.

Principles of Feng Shui – Objects

Every object has two colors associated with them – the colors that take up the majority of the item. For items that have only one major color, the “two” colors are the same (see examples). However, the only colors that contribute to Feng Shui are red, green, and yellow.

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Examples Principles of Feng Shui

Red Armchair : This is pretty much all red. Its two colors are Red/Red.
Mushroom Table: This is red and white. Its two colors are Red/White. White does not contribute to Feng Shui, so for our discussion here, the mushroom table is simply Red.

This is pretty much all red

Watermelon Table : This has a green skin and red flesh. Its two colors are Red/Green (order doesn’t matter).


In organizing the room, use the following charts to determine where to place the items:

First, the only tiles in the room that have an impact on Feng Shui are the two tiles closest to the right/east, bottom/south, and left/west walls. In Animal Crossing the top/north wall is used as well, for orange colored furniture. For the first room the player has (4×4), that covers the whole room. Once the house is upgraded, however, there will be non-Feng Shui tiles in the center and top/north parts of the room.

Each tile that has Feng Shui has two colors associated with it. The west wall’s tiles are Yellow/Yellow, the south wall’s tiles are Green/Green, and the east wall’s tiles are Red/Red. In the corners where they overlap, the tiles have one of each color. The diagrams above illustrate this.

Putting yellow items in the west part of the rooms will increase the amount of money that the player can find. High amounts of Feng Shui will increase the player’s chances of getting more Bells from a Money Rock (or the maximum amount of ores if that occurs).

Putting red items in the east part of the rooms will increase the number of items that the player can find.


Putting green items in the south part of the rooms will increase the player’s overall luck (money and items).

In Animal Crossing (Gamecube), putting orange items in the north part of the rooms will increase overall luck (money and items).

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In Feng Shui (both real and in game), placement is everything. The key is to match the color of the item to the color of the tile as best as possible. If an item has only one color, it will only match once; if an item has two colors, then it should be placed so that it matches twice. Let’s use the items we described above.


 – Red Armchair: Red/Red. This is best placed on the east side, at least three tiles from the bottom, so that it sits in a Red/Red tile. Since two colors match, it gets two Feng Shui points. If the player were to place it in a Red/Green tile, only one color would match, and it would get only one Feng Shui point.

Some of the middle and upper middle squares are not used for feng shui.

 – Mushroom Table: Red. This only has one color. It can be placed in any tile that has red in it, and will always only get one Feng Shui point, even if the tile is Red/Red (since it has only one color match).

 – Watermelon Table: Red/Green. This is best placed in the southeast corner, where the tiles are also Red/Green. Since two colors match, it gets two Feng Shui points. If the player places it in either a Green/Green, Red/Red, or Yellow/Green tile, it would get only one Feng Shui point.

 – Note: Tables and items on them that are in a Feng Shui tile both count for points. Getting good tables is part of the strategy.

Lucky items

Some items are considered lucky and add one point for being anywhere in the room. A few items, such as the Lucky Gold Cat, have both Feng Shui colors and lucky statues. The Lucky Gold Cat, Bug Trophy, Fish Trophy and Flower Trophy are Yellow/Yellow, so if the player places them on Yellow/Yellow tiles, they will count for three points each!


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