Is Sushi Good The Next Day – What You Need To Know To Eat Sushi Properly

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[Is sushi good the next day] Sushi has now become so familiar to everyone. Sushi is a top culinary artwork and sushi makers are favorably called artists by knowledgeable people. A culinary artwork prepared by the artist is perfect.

To keep that perfection, someone needs to enjoy it properly. The way to eat sushi is one of the best examples of how to enjoy it. Just imagine eating sushi is very simple, but it’s really simple! But to eat properly and enjoy all its sophistication and quintessence is not simple at all! Invite everyone together to see how to eat sushi.

1. Steps to enjoy are as follows:

– First, when entering a restaurant you will be provided with a hot towel to clean your hands thoroughly. In the meantime, you will order drinking water. Usually, Japanese people will use green tea (agar), which is considered the most appropriate drink when eating sushi.

– You can choose sushi by part (set menu) or set separately for each favorite item. You can also ask the manager if there is any sushi today if not, you should ask them for advice first.

– If you use more wasabi, you should slowly add each bit to a separate bowl, until you have the desired spicy level.

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  • Note, put wasabi in a corner of the bowl to keep the food beautiful.

– How to dip soy sauce is also important because it can affect the taste of food. Should put the face of food into soy sauce. Do not tap on the rice as sushi will be salty.

– Eat whole pieces to enjoy the full flavor of each sushi roll. If the sushi piece is too big, you can bite it and put the rest on your plate.

– If you enjoy many types of sushi at the same time, after each kind, you should eat ginger pickle slices. Ginger works to clean the taste, helping the sushi flavor not mix.

– You can enjoy sushi with a little saffron to remove the slight taste of raw and easier to digest. Sushi is often used with soy sauce.


– Japanese chefs often instruct diners to close their eyes when eating sushi to feel the salty taste of salt, sour taste of sweet vinegar and sweet taste of fresh seafood. Beside that is the spicy taste of wasabi and the sweet aroma of rice.

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2. A few other notes:

– Do not use your chopsticks to pick up food for others. If invited, remember to turn the chopsticks to pick up food from their plate.

– Put the chopsticks on the shelf of the chopsticks and place them in parallel with the sushi tray so everyone knows you have finished using it.

– As a courtesy and to keep a plate of food aesthetically pleasing, use sushi pieces from outside to inside. Do not immediately grab the middle piece of the disk.

– When eating a restaurant with conveyor: The dish is moved over the guests. Whatever you like, take it and enjoy it yourself.

For sushi, you should not eat it on the next day because if it is left it will lose its characteristic delicious taste.

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Food dishes are divided into different colors. Each color corresponds to a price. After eating, remember to put the disc into a neat stack


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