Tips maintaining a healthy weight comes down to moderation

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It is not difficult to maintain a healthy weight if you know how to balance the influencing factors. Here are tips that can help you.

As you get older, your body’s metabolism slows down. If you don’t pay attention, your weight may slowly increase. Avoiding weight gain is not as simple as cutting calories or exercising. That is the overall problem in creating a healthy lifestyle. There are no quick measures to avoid weight gain in the long term, but with changes in your daily lifestyle, you can maintain a healthy weight.

Control what you eat
Track weight and calories consumed. To start, keep track of your daily weight and eating habits. This will help you set the current status and estimate the necessary changes.

Start weighing once a day. Record weight, food and time of eating each day;
Estimate the number of calories you absorb daily;
Pay attention to the ingredients in your meal based on volume, not quantity.
Eat healthier. Hunger can be caused by the foods you eat. Complex proteins and carbohydrates tend to fill longer than simple sugars. Improving your diet will help you eat less. This can help you prevent unwanted weight gain.

Major food groups include fruits, vegetables, cereals, low-fat milk, and lean protein;
Non-fat proteins are better for your overall health and keep you fuller for longer. Fatty protein is found in legumes, such as beans, nuts, seeds, poultry, and fish.
Cut sugar. Sugar cane often added to foods and sweets, can cause unwanted weight gain. Such foods are also often low in nutrients, leading to hunger after eating. The American Heart Association recommends taking less than 9 teaspoons of sugar a day for men and 6 for women.

Eat lots of complex carbohydrates (carbs). Complex carbs, including whole grains and fiber, make you fuller than simple carbohydrates. You should eat whole grains or whole-wheat bread, pure pasta and brown rice and do not eat white rice, bread because they will make you fast.

Discipline with yourself. There is nothing wrong when you pamper yourself just right. The fact is, sometimes entertaining yourself can help you stick with a long healthy diet. However, you must be self-disciplined, do not eat more to avoid weight gain.

You can share dinner with relatives or family;
You can eat the food you like but in small quantities;
May allow me to eat something you like for 1 day of the week.
Create eating habits on time. While it may seem like a small problem, eating at other times can lead to unwanted weight gain. For example, if you skip breakfast, you can eat too much at lunch. Do not eat before television because you will probably prolong your meal. Try to eat three meals a day at the same time intervals. This can improve your weight.

Create small changes. Sometimes, minor adjustments in eating habits can reduce large amounts of calories. Try combining some small changes in your diet and notice, you will see a huge difference.

Use vinegar oil for salads instead of blending mayonnaise;
Use pasta sauce from plants instead of cream sauces;
Avoid fruit juice. If you crave juice, drink it whole, without adding sugar;
Use low-fat or non-fat dairy products instead of whole milk products;
Drink a lot of water. Use low-calorie or calories-free water instead of sugary or high-calorie drinks.
Exercise regularly
Track your exercise routine. If you want to practice the habit of practicing hard, monitor your daily activities yourself. Take note of the type of fitness and exercise time. This helps you calculate the ability to exercise to maintain body weight.

You should not include daily activities such as walking to the company, or climbing many stairs unless you take more than 20 minutes a day to do it;
Do not lose weight right after exercising. It is likely that weight will be lower due to exercise, but it does not accurately reflect your actual weight at normal levels.
Calculate your calorie needs. From weight and height, you can estimate your daily calorie needs along with the adjustment to gender, age, lifestyle. You can search online or ask your doctor how many calories you need. Compared to the number of calories you consume every day, the excess indicates that you need to exercise.


Establishing exercise routines becomes part of your life. Exercise should be like brushing your teeth every morning. This is quite difficult at first but the benefits are great.

Start with an exercise you love, which can help you extend your passion without feeling discouraged and giving up halfway;
You do not need to practice every 60−90 minutes. being busy with family, work, and society doing this is impossible. You can divide this physical activity throughout the day, it also gives the same results. A 20-minute walk to the company, a 30-minute afternoon practice room, and a 20-minute evening dog walk is an example;

You should ask your doctor before starting whether or not you have a medical condition. The doctor will help you get used to the intensity gradually and not be abandoned.
Combined with strength training
Muscles burn more calories than fat. You can combine aerobic exercises to help increase your heart rate and muscle building exercises.

If you don’t go to the gym, you can practice some simple exercises at home or you can buy more tools to practice with to improve efficiency;
You should talk to your doctor or fitness expert about your condition. They will help you avoid initial stress or injury.
Lifestyle changes
Stress control. Stress can cause weight gain. Stressed people tend to eat more and look for more calorie foods than healthy foods. Controlling stress levels can help you prevent weight gain.

Stress warning signs include symptoms of anxiety, muscle tension, and discomfort. When you have warning signs, consider what you are eating. Are you really hungry or are you eating because of your mood? Do you eat healthy food or just look for poor quality foods to combat anxiety?
Yoga, meditation, muscle relaxation, massage, and deep breathing are great ways to combat stress. Try incorporating some methods into your daily life and see improvement;
Arrange work to get enough sleep. Sleeping poorly or sleeping poorly can cause severe stress. Try to sleep on time and sleep about 8 hours a night;
Not everyone can control stress effectively. See a psychiatrist, a counselor to talk about your problem, don’t let the stress last long, they can make you have a mental disorder, aggravate your health condition.
Practice intentional eating habits. Sometimes, the way you eat can lead to excessive indulgence. Intentional eating habits can help you control the amount of food, so control your weight.

Pay full attention to the food you are eating. Don’t watch TV, don’t work, focus entirely on food and the feelings it brings you;
Check the feeling while you eat. Notice when you feel “full” and “too full”. It helps you control food intake moderately with you;
Chew carefully, slowly. Feel every taste of food completely.
Limit drinking alcohol. Alcohol is the main cause of unwanted weight gain for many people. Alcoholic drinks have high empty calories and when drunk, people often increase appetite. So please drink in moderation.

Understand how to drink alcohol in moderation. For women and men over the age of 65, drinking in moderation means no more than one drink per day. For men under 65, don’t drink more than two drinks a day. One glass is usually equivalent to 350ml of beer, 150ml of wine, or 45ml of spirits;
In some cases, it may be hard for you to refuse to drink alcohol, so avoid unnecessary situations, or if you are forced to participate, hold a non-alcoholic drink in your hand to avoid any temptation!
If you go out, go to a bar with friends, you should eat a nutritious meal first. This helps you drink less alcohol and can prevent appetite after drinking.
Seek support from others. Avoiding weight gain is quite difficult. Many people try to maintain healthy eating and exercise habits. Seek support from others if you are trying to maintain a healthy weight.

Talk to your friends and family members about the changes you are making, they can do something to help you. They will not make many sugars for you, or do not plan to eat on weekends such as …;
Make friends with people who are also losing weight, people in the gym, they will share experiences or be a mirror for you to strive for;
It is a good idea to join a support group or an online forum to exchange experiences.


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