Top 5 luckiest zodiacs in 2020 year of the metal Rat

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Top 5 luckiest zodiacs in 2020 year of the metal Rat . There are only 3 months left until 2020. Do you have any plans? If you want to plan for a career, business, or confess to your crush, you must watch the horoscopes of the 12 zodiacs in 2020. Here I will list the top 5 luckiest zodiacs in 2020.

1, Aries

As a very hard-working, hardworking worker like a bee, Aries was always knocked on the door by a gifted god of fortune. Therefore, revolving around this constellation are countless assistants. It can be said that in the top 5 luckiest zodiacs, Aries is always No. 1.

According to the horoscopes of the 12 zodiacs in 2020, in the following months, the Aries will meet with heaven and earth so you should plan your work to achieve great success. Using this opportunity, the Aries girls try to change themselves as well as confess to the crush who knows there is a warm winter with the bear.

However, Aries belongs to Mars. So if you want to burn the stage, you also have to wait for the right time and then hurry up and do it. That will ensure victory.


Being in the top zodiac of the zodiac in 2020, the Cancer girls are screened by the Sun star. Sunstar is famous for being a lucky star, if anyone gets this star, it will bring a great chance of success in life and great affection.

The horoscopes of the 12 zodiacs in 2020 predict that the love story of Cancer will bloom and the work will rise like kites to meet the wind. If she is still an oddball then rest assured that the following months will certainly have a solid shoulder to protect her.

3, Capricorn

In the top 5 luckiest zodiacs, Capricorn is a star with the most intense attraction. Because Capricorn has a prime location, ruled by Saturn, during this time, Capricorn will receive an extremely lucky super energy from the universe. It can be said that this luck goes beyond other constellations.

With intelligence, agility and a great deal of opportunity, Capricorn is likely to bring about great successes in terms of family, love, study or work. It must be said that heaven and earth benefit the people.


Capricorn’s level of luck is beyond time, from 2019 to 2020, the luck does not decrease but even increases. If you have big plans in your work as well as your career, then you must plan now and do it right away.

4, Gemini

The year 2019 marks a new shift for Gemini. The unlucky things will be defeated by 3 Mr. Phuc – Loc – Tho who came to your door. According to the forecast of the horoscope 2019 – 2020, Gemini will conquer victory, where is the success of that place.

But it would be great if the Gemini girls had to know the specifics of their work and progress. If there is any intention cherished for years, this is the opportunity for her sprung silk.

The money will be prosperous, the money will come like water and money will not go away. As for the family problem, all problems will soon be resolved and everyone will be happy as before. Particularly with the emotional issue, Gemini will soon find a common sense for himself after many years of diving and going lonely, lonely.


She is a dreamer, likes sweet romance but has a bad relationship. Experiencing the turbulent days of life, failing on the battlefield of love, now this sweet fruit has returned to her little Fisherman.

The best time for Pisces is in late 2019 and early 2020. During this time, Pisces will be walking on the red carpet covered with roses. In 2019-2020, Pisces will be assisted by a noble lady. The gentleman was the prince of the white horse sent to assist her. If he took the opportunity, he would soon have a lover.


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