What are the main benefits of yoga?

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Daily yoga has become a habit of many people. This is very good for health. So, What are the main benefits of yoga ?
Even if you have been practicing yoga for a few days, a few months or a few years, you still get practical benefits for your health. The longer you practice yoga, the more healthy you feel.
Here are the benefits of yoga over time:

After a few sessions

– Improve brain function: Just 20 minutes of practicing Hatha yoga every day you can improve cognitive function, enhance concentration and memory to work and study. In a study at the University of Illinois (USA), participants who studied 20 minutes of yoga often did better tests related to brain function than those who did aerobic exercise for 20 minutes.

– Reduce stress: Yoga can reduce the activity of inflammatory proteins in the body, which will help you stay healthy and control your mood better. This result was published last year by researchers from the University of California (USA).

– Changing gene expression: A Norwegian study suggests that yoga may provide the ability to alter gene expression in immune cells.

– Increase flexibility: A recent Colorado State University study (USA) shows that Bikram yoga (a form of yoga with a series of postures done in 90 minutes in a hot room) will work. help the shoulders, lower back and hamstring flexible, while reducing body fat …

After a few months

– Stabilizing blood pressure: Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) found that people who practice yoga will have a more stable blood pressure than those who take part in other physical activities such as walking, lifting, lifting. .

– Improving lungs: A study by Ball State University (India) found that practicing Hatha yoga within 15 weeks can significantly increase lung function.

– Improving sexual function: A Harvard University study conducted in 2009 published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that practicing yoga can increase excitement, desire, orgasm and sexual satisfaction. sex for women in general. Yoga can also improve women’s sexual life by helping them become familiar with the organs in their bodies.


– Reduce chronic neck pain: A German study published in Pain magazine found that Iyengar yoga practice (a type of Hatha yoga with the use of props) in 4 weeks will be effective in reducing The intensity of chronic neck pain in adults.

– Reduce anxiety: A Boston University study in 2010 found that practicing yoga for 12 weeks may help reduce anxiety because it increases gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) in the brain (low GABA levels in the brain are related. with depression and anxiety disorders).

– Chronic back pain relief: Researchers at West Virginia University (USA) found that Iyengar Yoga is effective in relieving pain and improving mood for people with back problems, for example chronic pain.
– Stabilize blood sugar levels with diabetics: Patients with diabetes who have long-term yoga can help stabilize blood sugar levels , according to a 2011 Diabetes Care study published in Reuters.

– Improve your sense of balance: Practicing an Iyengar yoga program can help improve balance and help prevent falls in women over 65, according to a 2008 Temple University study (USA). .

After several years

– Strong bones: A 2009 study conducted by Dr. Loren Fishman, published in the Huffington Post magazine, shows that yoga can improve bone density in older people.

– Keep a healthy weight: Researchers from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle (USA) found a link between regular yoga and the ability to lose weight – or at least maintain a weight healthy intake.

– Reducing the risk of heart disease: As part of a healthy lifestyle, yoga can reduce cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, according to a study result. published in the publication of Harvard Medical University.

Many primary care presentations are related to stress. Yoga has been shown to improve many health issues including anxiety and stress. It is affordable and can be done by nearly anyone of any age or ability. Yoga has also been shown to improve immune function and allows patients a way to engage in self-management.

Please share your experience with us! Or maybe share this advice for your friends.


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