What is an important health tips that nobody follows?

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A number of wellness tips are well supported by research. What is an important health tips that nobody follows?

It’s easy to get confused when it comes to health and nutrition. Here are health and nutrition tips that are actually based on good science of Doctors and nurses.

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A few things not known by all : Black pepper improves the absortion of herbal medicines.

1. Any B vitamin will get into the bloodstream by being crushed and held under the tongue.

2. Immune stimulating herbs may worsen auto immune conditions

3. Coenzyme Q10 helps to reduce the side effects of cholesterol lowering meds.

4. Beta carotene supplements have been shown to INCREASE the lung cancer risks in smokers.

5. Horseradish is a mucolytic and may help with respiratory congestion.

6. Milk thistle can help to regenerate damaged liver tissues.

7. Comfrey, which helps to heal external wounds, can cause liver damage called veno-occlusive disease.

8. Ginger is often more useful in treating dizziness than meclizine, and ginger is non sedating.

9. Even small amounts of light in a room can interrupt the REM sleep stage.

10. Very often, natural or over-the-counter meds can interfere with prescription meds so you should let your pharmacist know what you’re using.

11. Proper bandaging and positioning may have a huge positive impact on the speed of wound healing.

12. Massage of the abdominal wall in a clockwise motion can help in some cases of constipation. You imagine a clock on the stomach facing OUT and you gently massage in the direction that the hands move.

13. Do NOT massage a calf muscle where there has been sudden sharp pain or swelling. You could break loose a clot which would be dangerous. Get it properly evaluated.


14. The fact that something is natural does not mean that it is automatically or always safe.

15. At times patients may have reactions to meds that are the opposite of what is expected. This is called a PARADOXICAL reaction.

16. Nitroglycerine can lose its effectiveness over time. Ask your pharmacist about that. ( nitro can break down over time ).

17. Aspirin can break down over time. When broken down it will smell just like vinegar. Then it is useless.

18. Some people are sensitive to the acidity of vitamin C. If that is the case there is a form of vitamin c called an ASCORBATE which is non acidic.

19. Extremely high levels of fat in meals can overwhelm some macrophages. The cells may become enlarged from engulfing the fat . They change form and are described as “ foam cells” This can cause occlusion of vessels.

20. Sitting or standing in one place without moving for long periods can set you up for clot formation.

21. In exercise, nutrition, and other things, more is absolutely not always better. You reach a point of diminishing returns.

22. While there is a bell curve for average med doses, everyone responds differently. When ever possible and safe a pt may be safer having the full dose arrived at slowly. ( titration)

23. Blue, red, and purple food berries contain compounds that strengthen the collagen matrix of connectve tissue.

24. When exercising, you grow stronger during your rest periods. Rest and work are interdependent.

25. In folk medicine, cherries, berries, and celery seed are found to be helpful for episodes of gout.

26. If you’re on an anticoagulant, talk with your pharmacist Before using gingko.

27. Some herbs are medicinally potent but far too dangerous to use as dose levels are critical. Digitalis is one such herb.


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