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Capricorn is the tenth astrological bow in the Zodiac, derived from the Capricorn constellation. In astrology, Capricorn is considered to be an earthly, introverted bow, and one of the four main arcs. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. People born when the Sun in this palace is called Capricornian.

Status: 10 in the Zodiac
General nature: is the number of the owner, the leader
Element: Earth
Shining star: Shen Nong star (Saturn). This constellation will bring Capricorn patience, tradition, reasonable time usage, logical thinking …
Lucky color: dark colors, especially brown of maturity or black, blue (blue), yellow
Dating: Taurus, Virgo
Archery: Cancer
Lucky numbers: 6, 8 and 9


In Babylon, there is a powerful male god named Ea. He has a half-human and half-animal body, below is a fish tail, his head is a goat. Every day the god of power guarded the land, and at night he came to live with the blue ocean. The sea Capricorn or sea-goat (Seagoat) is said to be a symbolic image of this god.

But in Greek mythology comes a boy named Pan-son of Hermes and the Nymph forest goddess. The boy from birth was not like a normal child, Pan had an upper half body and a lower half was a goat. The goddess felt so scared and ran away, Hermes was deeply in pain. He brought his child to Olympus and took care of the gods.

Since then, Pan replaced his father in charge of responsibility, becoming the god of cattle and shepherds. The boy likes to live in the forest, on old trees.



Capricorn is the symbol of the earth, immense by Saturn. The people of this wilderness have many dreams, ambitions, perseverance, and determination. They will never surrender to the hard, tired, they work hard, the most diligent and always have the right direction for themselves. Capricorn will never miss any opportunity to come to them, they make detailed and specific plans to achieve their goals.

They always have independent spirits, work independently without anyone’s help. The Capricorn people have a rather shy, quiet appearance, they often live introverted, afraid to communicate with strangers. Capricorn will be suitable for the work of a real estate business, bank staff … In work, they are very serious, loyal and always dedicated to accomplishing the assigned work.


Capricorns are the people who are lucky and convenient in life. Whether male or female, they all look good-looking, sexy and often younger than their ages. Initially, when communicating, they will be timid, embarrassed and lack of confidence but once they overcome the shy shield, they will become very enthusiastic. Capricorn is an absolute and confidential person, they know what to say and should not say. If someone asks to keep it a secret, the Capricorn will agree and not move halfway. These people love their families and are always the ones to clean up and rearrange the house.

Basic personality

Capricorn is the type of person who has a combination of dreams, ambition, enthusiasm, and ambition. They have desires to rule the lives of many and ambitious about power and material.

However, not all Capricorn people are so ambitious. The Capricorn also produces gentle, affectionate and affectionate people, represented by the type of goat. But that is only among the few, most of these people are represented by mountain goats, power and many tricks. They can do everything to bring their ambitions to the top.

Capricorn never believed in the arrangement of fate they did not believe in superstitious predictions. Capricorn believes that fate is created by us, success or not depends on the will and determination of ourselves. So they always try with their strength and hands, calculate and consider carefully before solving the problem. No one can do this better than Capricorn.

Career path and money


Capricorn has great aspirations and ambitions in his career, so long as he has not fulfilled those aspirations, the Capricorn will not be satisfied with his life. Capricorn will need time to analyze and look at the problem, then outline the specific directions for its plan.

Capricorn always set high demands for himself, not allowing himself to be distracted, lazy, resting when the work was still unfinished. They are excellent organizers and leaders in the fields of finance, real estate business …

Family and Friends

Capricorn people are introverted, they do not like to communicate with strangers or crowded places. These people don’t like to show their thoughts and feelings outside, they just help others quietly and quietly.

The more mature, the Capricorn is more careful in his behavior. They do not arbitrarily make friends with someone, it is not easy to confess their thoughts to the opponent. This sometimes causes people to alienate, discriminate Capricorn but the Capricorn is probably used to it. In the midst of the crowd, they will not say a word but just stand silently at a certain corner, or listen to people without participating in the discussion. Capricorns sometimes want to say their thoughts, but their inferiority has closed their hearts. Because of his depression, his quietness, the Capricorn is rarely noticed by people. 

Romance and love

Capricorn is serious in your life, whether in terms of friendship or love. They deftly control the emotions and beats of their hearts, not allowing them to panic for anyone. Capricorn is difficult to make friends, love is even harder. Depression, self-deprecation pulled them out of the crowd, no one noticed the silence. Their hearts do not easily fall in love with someone, love comes only when the two have gone through life’s waves together, feeling attached and feeling inseparable.

In love, Capricorn is ready to attack the enemy when they have learned it thoroughly. They will persevere until they capture the opponent’s heart. Although it is hardly noticed by the others, Capricorn will not be arbitrary in finding the other half, those who do not meet the criteria and will pursue the Capricorn.

How to conquer Capricorn boys

The Capricorn boys have many dreams, ambitions and ambitions. To conquer him is not an easy thing, you must break the cold shell, iron outside. At first contact, you will feel depressed because these people have a cold heart but later on, when the two of you are engaged, you will see the Capricorn boy actually has a very warm heart and lenient.

Word of mouth: Regularly take care of him with messages or phone calls every morning.

How to conquer Capricorn girls

The Capricorn girls are intelligent and quick-witted, but they are somewhat shy, affectionate and affectionate. If you want to conquer her heart, you cannot rush, but need to be calm and slow. The Capricorn girl is quite strict and serious, they have their own requirements and you have to follow it. They like quiet space, gentle music and are intrigued by surprises.

Tip: During your first date, take her to a quiet, impressive place like a concert or movie theater .

The Last word

Capricorn are people who do not actively make friends with others but are affectionate. Capricorn is a very careful and serious person, so they don’t like the rushing, rushing in love. That’s all my understanding of Virgo. If you have any comments please comment below.


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