5 signs of luck are coming to your way

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It is believed that if the bird nested in the house, the hand would shake, etc., which are signs that luck is coming very close.

1. The left or right hand vibrates

If you don’t get sick but suddenly one of your hands naturally vibrates, then God is about to visit you.

If your left hand vibrates, you may be about to hit the lottery or get an unexpected amount of money. If your right hand vibrates, you’re about to have money but it’s money you make. Another sign, if the itchy palm palms are about to have a subshell, on the contrary, the palm must be itchy, be prepared to spend big money.

2. Meet cows on the road

Old ancestors often think that cows are animals that symbolize prosperity and good fertility. Therefore, if you go on a picnic or move to a suburban area that accidentally encounters them, chances are you’ll receive money or children.

In particular, in India cows are considered mascots, free to move on the road. If vehicles see this animal, they must give way to the first.

3. Strange dogs run into the house

According to feng shui, the dog symbolizes talent. At the same time, it is also a very friendly animal, loyal to humans, bringing good luck. When a strange dog runs into the house and definitely refuses to leave, it means that you are about to meet a great fortune, if you are unfortunate enough to turn the situation around, do not succeed.

Do not see strange dogs entering the house but deliberately chasing or carrying them to kill them because your actions will make their fortunes destroyed.

4. Bird droppings fall into the head

Birds are animals that are considered to always bring good news. There are many people with defecation on their heads when they are most unexpected.


It sounds funny, but this horrible story turned out to be a good omen. People call it wealth from heaven.

5. Bats nest in the house

Many people believe that bats are very foul, dirty and bring about unkind things. But the truth is exactly the opposite, bats bring wealth and fortune.

This species is very sharp, they are able to sense areas with good air and only go there to make their nests. Therefore, seeing this sign, you should “sew the bag of three gangs” to wait for the money to be saved, the owner of the house will have a peaceful and happy life.

6. Butterflies fly into the house

Many people think that butterflies embody the soul of the deceased, bringing bad luck, so frightened, often thinking of how to chase them out or kill immediately.

According to feng shui experts, butterflies are not black, but it is a sign that homeowners are going to have many lucky things.

If the butterfly is black, it means you are about to receive precious guests, the work has many things to flourish. If the butterfly is gray, you will meet your help when it is difficult, get a chance to advance to a higher position. If the butterfly is white, you will meet a lot of luck and work well.


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