Are almonds fattening or not with easy tips

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[Are almonds fattening] Hi everyone, when I wrote this article, I was 30 years old, and the 30-year-old had children, and he said that he had a lot of stories about his body such as belly fat, sagging, sagging. , is obvious. You try to go out to the street, then 10 people over the age of 28 have 9 people who have belly fat, and 1 person is beautiful.

At the age of 28, it is much harder to lose weight than a young person, even if it is reduced, the body is not as neat and beautiful as a young person, so the diet of people after 28 is always tougher than a young person. But now i is 1m56 tall, weighs 45kg, and her waist is 60cm, there is a lot of party time, playing a lot is sometimes the waist up to 63cm is the highest. Although i am married and has children, i do not suffer from belly fat, do not suffer from muscle sores but some moms have other milk. 

Back to the main topic: eat fatty almonds? The sentence is a word that is not mixed. What to eat in the world without being fat, because fat is derived from eating. The problem of how we eat, how much, if we eat correctly, weight loss is quick and easy. (In the old days, I heard people say eating sweet potatoes fell dumb, at that time I was only 18 years old, thought to have lost weight, so each time he ate all kilograms of sweet potatoes, his youth had the same health as the grass-fed cows. At that time, thanks to heaven, 3 months increased by 10kg At the time of i 18, i weighed 55kg while only 1m53 tall, at that time looked very fat and bad, didn’t know how bad but only remembered when it was divided The first boyfriend’s hand, which remained in I am memory forever, was his saying: “I’m as fat as a pig.” i thought that the sentence was imprinted on i mind forever.


Every day i sells almonds to many brothers and sisters, some people buy to take care of pregnancy, someone buys to make anti-diabetic milk, some people buy for weight loss, and most people buy gymnastics (practice bodybuilding) and pregnant woman . So are you ever curious why the gym is rushing to buy almonds to eat? Gym is a person who loves his body and is extremely aware of the perfection of the body. They work hard, diligently diet only to have a desirable body. Here is the answer

Almonds can restrain hunger

If you are reading this article, it means that you are very afraid of fat (which most women are afraid of fat, or fat in the wrong place, where there is no fat like the chest, there is no need for fat, then fat keeps coming to live. People who are afraid of fat are more likely to get hungry and often eat snacks or cravings. Almonds help cut hunger very effectively and help you have enough energy to work without feeling hungry and craving for other things. Le’s working schedule is to work until 5pm, then i will eat about 1 hand of almonds, 6h go to the gym to practice 1 hour. If you do not eat, i will not be able to train because your body is running out of energy, but if you do not have energy, you cannot burn fat. That’s why gyms are forced to eat something before practicing, absolutely not fasting, because of fasting as a BUILDING body building. If you want your body to be like a model (except for height), it is possible for your butt, chest, waist to be able to eat whatever you eat every day, and when to eat, what to eat. And remember that almonds are always what gymer eat before going to practice, that’s the secret (almond or cashew nuts, or walnuts, or a whole grain of nuts, some whole grains are fine).

Why choose almonds in weight loss and build beautiful and toned bodies: They contain protein. According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), about 22 almonds have 6 grams of protein. Research has found that protein-rich foods are generally useful for weight loss. If you want your body to be beautiful and firm, then your diet always prioritizes 100% lean meat and vegetables, next to nuts, starch is the most cutting thing possible, Vietnamese people have a habit of eating less starch. protein, that’s a mistake in building a beautiful body. Eating a lot of protein is very important, it helps your body supple, firm, and important to reduce the appetite extremely significantly, longer than you eat a lot of starch, if you starch from rice, vermicelli, bread, sweets that are replaced with whole grains and whole grains are extremely good, rice instead of sweet potatoes, bread, and nuts instead of nuts, a beautiful body is not as hard as you think.

They are full of fiber. Almonds also contain significant amounts of fiber. The fiber of almonds is quite special, it makes you full longer than you think, and the appetite often disappears quickly. We are fat because we eat snacks, or sometimes we still have snacks that make us fat. Le often snacks during the young years and that is why the 3 months of I may increase to 10kg, but then I have little snacks or occasionally snacks, i am weight almost rarely changes, combined. With the practice mode, i had the body of a 20-year-old girl.

They are healthy fats. Fat people are very afraid of fat, but I am not afraid of fat, because the new fat accumulates fat, has fat, it helps the fat in the body quickly turn into energy for us to use. Unless you eat too horribly, eating too much is all fat, if you eat healthy, fat in almonds can help us burn fat faster, and the body is more beautiful. So the advice to eat almonds every day, or cashew nuts, or avocados should never be ignored if you are seriously losing weight, eating those things you will not feel cravings anymore, but the metabolism In the body, it will make your body difficult to accumulate fat and build lean muscles rather than sagging in ugly and rough.

Many people misunderstand that weight loss is not bad, but for people who have a good diet and exercise, the weight does not decrease, but the body becomes even more beautiful and the waist is still very small like an ant, while some the same weight and height but the body is rough. Therefore, the study on those who had the regime of adding seeds to their daily diet, had much better body, toned and much smaller waistline than those who ate starch from white rice or bread.


The body does not absorb all the calories from almonds

Nutritious nuts or whole grains have a good thing when we eat them, the body does not absorb calories completely because of the abundant fiber contained in them but still ensures the body absorbs vitamins and minerals. In 100gr almonds contain 600 calories, but we only absorb 20-30% of calories, meaning absorb 200 calories, so that is why we eat almonds at a reasonable level of the first fist every meal, we are nutritious without fear of weight gain, we do not feel craving for food and are too hungry, if the body is too hungry, we tend to eat “already” very dangerous. . Fortunately, apart from almonds, cashew nuts and walnuts have the same effect, so you can eat a variety of nuts to avoid feeling boredom.

How to enjoy almonds? Are almonds fattening

Here are the ways you can eat delicious and healthy almonds:

Eat roasted or dried almonds between snacks. You can eat almonds as snacks between meals to resist, or eat before heavy exercise or exercise, play sports. It is taboo before the i episode mentioned above, because it is difficult for the body to burn fat when the body is hungry, but it burns the muscles and the body will not be firm and beautiful.

Don’t eat almonds to remove thin crust.  Its miraculous almond is the layer of vitamin E, which is contained most in the thin brown outer shell, extremely powerful antioxidant, so who wants to be beautiful and provide natural vitamin E for the body? Remove this shell. It is best to eat all.

Using sliced ​​almonds mixed in a variety of dishes like salad, or yogurt:   is a great way to add g flavor without adding more calories. Have you tried to eat some yogurt mixed in some almonds, i often eat almonds in this way, or mix more walnuts well. Yogurt is 3 times more delicious than traditional food. Try it, make sure you enjoy it, and your baby will like to watch it.

Making milk: Recently i started replacing formula milk with baby formula, because the formula has a bad effect, and is used for a long time to cause early puberty and fast aging. 

The trend of using nut milk to gradually replace industrial milk is being applied gradually by Vietnamese mothers, and it is important that nut milk is beneficial for the elderly, cardiovascular protection, cancer prevention and support for patients. diabetes without worrying about nutrient deficiency. Make almond milk (or cashew milk is also great) is a way to help doctors stay away from your family.


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