How to get wrinkles out of graduation gown? – Quick tips for teenage

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[how to get wrinkles out of graduation gown]In the world, the concept of graduate has gradually become familiar with each of us when we have spent time in the school chair, a sacred set of clothes marking every milestone of each grade, but few know where it originated? So where the answer is, let’s find out now.

What is the graduation ceremony

 First known in Australia when used for supreme academics, but few know that it comes from the tradition of Oxford and Cambridge universities in the United Kingdom.

People often see in college graduation ceremonies in the West, new bachelors, masters, and doctors wear pretty colorful dresses. I still wonder why they have many different styles, different hats, and the hood (like a smart bag) is also different. I tried to find out that all these costumes have a very interesting tradition … If we talk about this issue, we have to ask 2 words “WHY”. Why are new students wearing.

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Costume for graduation

Why is it called a cloak: You also know that, usually, the chosen ceremony always takes place in October – November of the year, but in Europe, these months are in the East. down to C, and at that time there were no heaters like today, and that’s why teachers have to wear very thick and heavy robes and have to wear a hood (smart bag) that means the back is fabric.

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Why is the robe always black?

Black is the color that reflects the seriousness and solemnity of academia, the monks who at that time are considered wise, who are deeply knowledgeable to communicate so they are called masters.

Why is there a coat on a hat or a smart bag?

Turns out, this tradition is ridiculous, at that time the senior clergy were often seated in the best positions, near the fireplace, and the lower priests were sitting away from the fireplace, so they needed a coat! That’s why a bachelor student has a fur coat, and a higher level bachelor has no fur! Later, the coat was changed with the trim and the shape of the hat.

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