October 23 zodiac sign Full Horoscope Personality

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October 23 zodiac sign is the transitional day between the two constellations of the Libra and the Scorpion, so the person born on this day can either be at the Scorpion Palace or the Libra or take on the characteristics of both

Libra was born on October 23

Scorpions ( Libra ) born on October 23 have charismatic traits often found in people with birthdays as the intersection of the two zodiac signs. They have a subtlety to put themselves in the situation where they will be noticed, they may have to find ways to reduce when too much attention to them.

Dreams And Goals

People born on this day think big. They don’t care why the reasons why something cannot be done, only how they can turn negative into positive. Although their goals do not seem to happen, even impossible, for others, scorpions (Libra) were born on October 23 without fear. They would rather stay in chaos than be boredom.

Children And Families

Scorpions (Libra) born October 23 are very close to family relationships. They consider siblings as friends and can establish close relationships with other relatives. They are fathers, affectionate and protective mothers, who care about giving their children a sense of self-control and independence.

Friends And Lovers


People born October 23 romantic, even idealistic about love. Love can be conducted discreetly, they want to keep it a secret. They demand loyalty and will leave a relationship if there is doubt about betrayal. They often have a friendship that allows them to express their unique personality.

Career And Finance

Scorpion (Libra) was born on October 23 recorded by the profession that brings emotional and spiritual satisfaction. They need to be challenged and like to challenge others. Although skillful in handling financial problems, they are not ambitious about making money. Having talent is more important than using it.


People born on this day often have a cavalier attitude about health and exercise. They tend to have a healthy body, strong physical strength, superiority, enduring mental endurance and can feel inviolable by external factors. They benefit from meditation before going to bed to promote deep sleep and beautiful dreams.


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