Spell to get a job immediately – Quick tips Help you get a good job in 2020

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[spell to get a job immediately]Thorough preparation before the interview is a trick to calm you down; be confident and impress employers. Stop the idea of ​​”Interview is nothing to prepare” because to list them all, it’s more than you think. Here are 4 things you definitely have to prepare to have a perfect interview.

Information research

Access to job sites, career categories, careers in newspapers, magazines, electronic resources, etc. In general, any document that you find useful in your job application. Annual financial statements of companies, businesses, and Labor agencies – The society in the library is also an important source of information for you. The deep understanding of the field, the agency you are applying will make a strong impression for you before the employer.

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Practice first

Before entering an official interview with an employer, practice at home with your relatives and friends. This is a great way to train yourself to be bold, confident, give your nerves more stability. When you practice like that, you will know your weaknesses in communication, such as: talking too fast, long sentences – blunt, or your way of speaking is not convincing, etc … you will know yourself Where to save, emphasize where. Practice many times, until it flows smoothly, how to make it not only you and your loved ones feel satisfied with this “fake interview”.

Not afraid of difficult questions.

Job interviews are also the time when candidates are asked to provide their practical experiences, not only in their work but also in life. The questions start with words like: “Tell me when ….”, “Give me an example of …” These are probing questions, whether or not you have experience. In the field/issue, please answer with the recruiter frankly. Do not because I do not know, have no experience but show fear or inferiority to employers.

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Remember the names of the interviewers.

Before entering the interview, try to find out the name and position of the person (or people) you will meet in the upcoming interview. Ask the broker (if you look for work through job broker centers) to let you know, or if you can contact the company directly, ask the human resources department to give you the information. this news.


Your appearance also plays a very important role in the outcome of the interview. Make sure your clothes are clean and decent. You need to eat nice, polite but not too picky, neat hair, you can use a little perfume but should not abuse too much. For female candidates, it is possible to add some accessories but it should be simple. Remember, you’re interviewing for a job and not going to a reception. Your appearance needs to be dynamic and impress the recruiter.

To make a comfortable atmosphere

In the morning on the day of the interview, you should give yourself a feeling of comfort: be it a favorite piece of music, a funny story or walk in your garden … Take a deep breath, creating excitement for the spirit. On the way, try to smile at everyone, the smile works to ease the tension in your friends, to help you feel sympathetic in everyone’s eyes, especially those in the place where you are applying. In addition, it is also important not to leave the stomach empty when going to an interview. No matter how well prepared you are, you cannot concentrate 100% when your stomach is ringing because of hunger.


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