To Limit The Time To The Stars Flying Monthly 2019

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Monthly flying star 2019. People who meet bad stars often make a star award ceremony at the beginning of the year, to reduce the difficulties encountered in the whole year, ask the gods to bless the maintenance to be healthy, peaceful, and good.

Details of star resolution

Star temples

Name: German Imperial Japanese Imperial God
Registrar (the brightest time): 11 am – 1 pm, the 27th day of the lunar month in the East direction. This constellation has 12 small stars.
Article: Using yellow paper, writing red letters to worship, lighting 12 lamps (or candles) between the sky and the above hour together with incense, sign, flowers, fruits, water and turning towards the East to pray.

Thai Yin Star

Name: Duc Nguyet Cung Thai Hoang Empress
Registrar: 7 pm – 9 pm, the lunar month of the 26th month in the West main direction, this constellation has 7 small stars.
Lesson: Use a white paper, red letters to worship, light 7 lamps, worship to the West.

Jupiter Germany

Name: East Germany is adjacent to the land of pure virtue.
Registered members: 19h – 21h, the 25th day of the lunar month in the opposite direction – the land and the constellation Jupiter has 20 small stars.
Lesson: Use a blue paper, red letters, and offerings, light up 20 lamps in the direction of the armor – land.

Star Drought (Still Big)

The name: the male virtue of the nail of the strong fire.
Registered members: 9 pm – 11 pm, monthly lunar calendar 29 in the direction of the star, the constellation still has 18 seats.
Lesson: Use a pink sheet of paper, write red letters and make offerings, light the 18 directional lamps.


Name virtue of the middle of the earthy period.
Registered: 9 pm – 11 pm, the 19th day of the lunar calendar.
Lesson: Use yellow paper, red letter, light up 5 directional lamps – century.


Name Eulogy Western White Crystal Diamond Innovation.
Registered members: 7 pm – 9 pm, the 15th day of the lunar month in the direction of the soup – tan, the white constellation with 8 seats.
Lesson: Use white paper, red ink to write, light 8 lights toward the soup – renovation.


Name: Northern Germany cherishes marvelous water magic.
Registered: 7 pm – 9 pm, the 21st day of the lunar month.
Articles: Use black paper, red ink to write, light 7 lamps.

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star la almost

The name: the northern celestial palace, the god of the lord of the enemy.
Registered: 9 pm – 11 pm, the 8th day of the lunar month in the direction of the North, the constellation of the Taj is 9.
Article: Use yellow paper, red ink to write, light 9 Northern lights.

Star: successor


The name: the western bishop of the imperial capital.
Registered: 9 pm – 11 pm, the 18th day of the lunar month in the West, constellation Ke Do has 21 thrones.
Article: Use yellow paper, red ink to pray, light 21 Western lights.

The offering of offerings for the star award

Lights or candles (quantity depending on the star).

The article (the color of the article depends on the star), write the exact name on the article (how do you write that name).

Yellow hat.

Gold coins (arbitrary quantity, do not need too much).

Rice, salt.

Betel and areca.

Flower fragrance, fruit, dignity.

Water (1 bottle).

After the ceremony is finished, bring all the money, gold, literature and articles.

The color of the tablet, the arrangement of the candle to give the star solution

Each star will be offered on different days and hours. At the same time, the direction of the bow, the color of the article, the content of the writing on the article, the number of candles, the plugging diagram, the content of the prayers are also different.

The article offered a limited solution for each star shining star

The article is placed on a stick that sticks to a glass of rice and is placed in the middle of the inside of the table.

The above is a detailed article on how to solve bad stars in 2019. Everyone consulted and prepared for their feng shui year in the year so as not to be caught regardless of any limit!
I wish you all good luck and greatness.


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