Bad Feng Shui Trees Should Not Be Planted In The Garden

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One of the simplest ways to increase the vitality of a home is to plant trees. If the plants are good, it means the indoor air is abundant. Planting trees will bring good luck to homeowners. However, bad feng shui trees should not be grown indoors

Some trees bring bad luck

In a special garden abstain from growing willow trees. Planting this kind of tree can lead to misfortune and loss for the owner, because the word “willow” sounds similar to the word “saved”, ie, flows away and falls away. So planting willow trees will make the property in the house flow down into the river. On the other hand, according to folklore, people believe that willow belongs to the negative part, can attract sound to the house, and even the willow tree will not make people think of the children.

Cactus is a tree that many people choose to plant indoors, however, according to Feng Shui, it is not recommended to grow this plant. According to ancient feng shui science, cacti are very easy to live in every situation. It only works in case the house has just been burned or mourning. The intense vitality of this plant will reduce the sound of air, ward off evil spirits.

The strawberry tree is also an unlucky plant because the Vietnamese strawberry tree has a bad meaning. Therefore, if the mulberry tree is planted in front of the house, it will mean “mourning” so in the old days the planting of mulberry trees before the house has always been a bad omen.

In addition, poplars, cypress, banyan trees are also plants to avoid growing in the garden. The poplar tree is a thick, leafy tree. So when the wind blows, it makes the trees scream every battle like that, so people also think that poplar trees easily lead demons to the house.

Cypress four seasons green and strong vitality so this plant is inherently a very lucky tree. But what’s wrong here is that people often plant this tree in graves and also called graves. Because of that, it is thought that this is an unhealthy plant and is a special species to abstain from.


A banyan tree is considered by many people to be an intolerant plant. The roots of the banyan tree are often large and coarse so it makes the land surface uneven and causes an imbalance for the house. Moreover, the banyan tree is often grown in temples and shrines so it is not suitable for growing in the family.

Which plants should be grown in the garden

Bamboo is one of the most popular ornamental plants when used for decoration at the door. According to the feng shui theory, this is the most fortunate tree for homeowners, helping owners to prosper. Bamboo is also a symbol of a rich plant, bringing fullness. It is also possible to grow bamboo around the fence, in front of the porch or in the garden.

According to the feng shui theory, two types of lemon trees and oranges planted in front of the house will provide more business and profit opportunities. It is also possible to choose apple trees to improve relationships, help families keep the peace; Pomegranates show affection and desire for wise, healthy children. Growing in the south, pomegranate and apples will bring good luck to homeowners.

In addition, there are some other lucky trees that should be planted in the garden like peach trees with good luck and a happy family. Cinnamon tree with a scientific meaning passed. Grapefruit has the meaning of being blessed; the Peony tree implies richness.


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