Benefits of Fage Greek yogurt for health

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[fage greek yogurt] When life is more and more modern, people’s eating needs also change – food is not only delicious but also good for health and vice versa, healthy food also needs to be delicious.

Therefore, the food according to the new trend is increasingly popular such as detox fage greek yogurt, water, poke salad,  … If she is also building a healthy diet or needs to lose weight, the secret Healthy and beautiful from the famous Greek yogurt she definitely should not ignore!
Benefits of fage Greek yogurt for health.

1. For slim, toned body

According to the eating habits of  Asian people, most people often eat a lot of carb (starch) such as rice dishes, noodles, noodles … but accidentally forget the protein (protein) content of the meal. This is also one of the reasons the body is not toned. So to have a healthy body, she needs to have a balanced diet and focus on protein content during meals. Protein works to boost metabolism and reduce appetite, thus limiting the number of calories you eat. In particular, with modern girls, participating in activities such as gym, jogging, swimming … will need to load more protein. Because when exercising, if the body lacks protein, it uses muscle to create an alternative fuel that makes it easier to lose muscle.

When you need a quick protein supplement before or after your workout, fage Greek Yoghurt yogurt is a great option for you, since each box of fage Greek Yoghurt contains 5.4g of protein, twice the amount of Other yogurts. With delicious fruity flavors and 50% fat reduction (*), fage Greek Yoghurt yogurt will be the ideal dessert or snack without gaining weight.

2. The “close friend” of our skin

In addition to supporting her to have an ideal toned body, the protein also promotes cell regeneration in the body. So when the body is supplied with enough protein, her skin will be fuller, firmer, rosier. Also,  Greek Yoghurt  contains peaches and strawberry fruits, providing many other benefits to the skin such as skin regeneration that helps to brighten skin and prevent harmful agents to the skin such as smoke, dust, ultraviolet ray,…

Peach contains a large amount of vitamin C, which helps fight the formation of free radicals – one of the causes of darkening. Vitamin C also has the effect of preventing aging, improving the skin’s problem, making skin white and smooth. Also, peaches help improve the immune system and prevent skin infections too!


Strawberry fruit, also known as berries, includes fruits such as raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, … fruits that help protect the skin and fight against aging effectively. Blueberries contain a lot of antioxidants, riboflavin, vitamin E, vitamin C and fiber to nourish the skin from the inside to prevent signs of aging and prevent harms from outside like the sun, smoke, dust or bacteria. Raspberries have another amazing ability like purifying, detoxifying, eliminating free radicals in the body, protecting the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays thanks to vitamin E, flavonoid compounds and carotenoids. Raspberries also help to limit dark spots, darkening the skin, helping the skin to be more elastic and at the same time promote the regeneration of new skin. Final,

Fage Yoghurt yogurt adds strawberry fruit and peaches rich in vitamins and minerals, giving her healthy radiant skin.

3. Strong bone support

Calcium is an indispensable nutrient for the development of bones, teeth, and the prevention of osteoporosis so that the body develops balanced and healthy. Also, calcium helps maintain muscle activity, blood circulation, signaling to nerve cells and inhibiting hormones in the body. For adults, the amount of calcium needed to load is about 1000mg per day to meet basic activities. For those who regularly do physical activity and sports, she needs to add 600mg of calcium to support skeletal muscle during exercise.

Greek Yoghurt is an excellent calcium supplement solution for women because each box of yogurt 100g contains 160mg of calcium, equivalent to the amount of calcium in 1kg of beef or 4 boiled eggs. With a delicious, fresh taste, Greek yogurt is suitable for making nutritious desserts, or supplementing with meals before and after practice!

With all these benefits, why can she resist Greek Yoghurt with a delicious taste, a smooth and fresh match that helps beautiful skin, beautiful appearance like this? Add fage Greek Yoghurt yogurt to the daily menu of beautiful girls!


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