what does it mean to eat clean

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In recent years, the trend of clean eating has become more and more interested. But what does it mean to eat clean, and is it as good as you usually think?
Type the words #cleaneating on Instagram, and within a few seconds, more than 35 million images will appear on the computer screen, depicting everything from colorful salad plates to smoothie drinks. There is no denying the effect of this clean eating trend.

What is clean eating?

The importance of fresh, unprocessed foods and high-vegetable diets have been known for decades. But thanks to the influence of nutrition bloggers like Ella Mills; Deliciously Ella; Madeleine Shaw and Amelia Freer; that importance is known to many people. Eating is a term that appears from that movement itself; Originally used to describe fresh and nutritious food. Many people equate to eating clean with an organic diet; some diets; vegetarian; or justify a very limited diet plan with nothing but vegetables and nuts.

Many of the bloggers and social media stars are associated with a well-known term of eating that bypasses the entire food group – like milk; gluten; cereals; animal products – from which the term is almost tied to the definition of clean eating. However, according to the Oxford dictionary, eating clean has more meaning: it is a diet consisting of nutritious food; not refined; unrefined; often eaten as small meals during the day. And the term “clean eating” used to the end of the lesson will closely align with this definition.

The movement to eat clean: Negative or positive?

According to Elaine Slater, a psychologist at The Priory, “sometimes, the industry about healthy eating is not based on good science or food value; which is a commercial trend. At some level, healthy eating has changed from food awareness to obsession and fear. The relevant trend and hype created a perfect platform for defaming modern diets; to shape the diet that is supposed to be right. ”


The removal of the entire food group by people who are not allergic to them is also heavily criticized by doctors and nutritionists. Piggot argues: “The idea of ​​clean foods will bring the message that other foods are ‘dirty’. This creates a negative relationship with food – in terms of nutrition and psychology. “That’s not to mention the nutritional obsession in food will also lead to disregard for real enjoyment.

Healthy eating is complicated because some people have done it by eliminating everything else – gluten-free food, not drinking milk, vegan … There are also lots of export recipes. from the aspect of clean eating and not eating – what makes cooking so boring.

Do not turn to eat cleanly into extremes

Coming to a clean diet, one important thing is overlooked by many people. That is the balance. Yes, the clean eating movement has made the concept of healthy eating very complicated. But you may just need to keep in mind that the most important thing is to use unprocessed foods; fresh food; Unrefined and balanced with vegetables. For every diet expert or dietitian; There is always a healthy way of eating without being extreme.

Remember, passion is part of a healthy lifestyle. Being obsessed with nutritional ingredients, working hard to read labels or thoroughly checking what you eat is not necessarily an ” eating clean ” regime. Because not everything is perfect, well enough or meets the requirements of the eater. So, passion for food, please enjoy the controlling mind to have certain happy moments.


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