Best Choice Feng Shui Wallet colors in 2020

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According to Feng Shui, the way you choose the style, the color and the arrangement of what is in your wallet also determine what your fortune is. Below we will show you all of Feng Shui Wallet colors.

The black wallet fits fire par, rustic par

The black color is aesthetically significant, easy to coordinate with the owner’s outfit. At the same time, black also has great significance in Feng Shui bringing luck and developing fortune for homeowners. Helping homeowners have a career to improve constantly. Because the host country of Water Par and carpentry  destined for us, please bring this black purse to me.

The dark blue wallet is suitable for carpentry par, water par

Blue has the meaning of abundance and is a good choice for a wallet with beautiful Feng Shui. Homeowners who bring destiny or Water will be very suitable when choosing for themselves a blue wallet. Bringing the fortune, luck and finance easier to find in this Year of the Dog.

However, if the host is destined for Fire, has a source of fire energy, you should avoid using this dark blue wallet.

People have Rustic par, Fire par get Green Wallets

Green is the representation of wood in Feng Shui. And this is also the color that brings many new things for homeowners in 2018. Even if the homeowners have encountered unhappy things in the old year when possessing a green wallet. Will make the homeowner forget more grief, openness, and luck in life.





Which homeowner has destiny carpentry, destiny Fire, please immediately buy me this green purse for money. However, homeowners should choose purse based on style, wallet space, the material of wallet to have a good wallet to welcome the new year.

The red wallet for fire par

Red is the color that has the effect of attracting wealth and wealth, rich for the owner’s property. In terms of Feng Shui, red is chosen by many people, especially when it comes to the New Year with fire energy. This color is very Feng Shui for homeowners who bring Fire.

The yellow wallet for Earth par

The homeowner should choose a wallet with a light yellow color to attract money. When you want to save a lot of money, you should choose a wallet with a dark yellow color. Increase money, choose bright yellow.

Homeowners should leave some lucky bills in their wallets to bring their fortune. At the same time, if the owner wants to give a relative a purse, he should do the same.

 If you want to consult more please go to Feng Shui Wallet. With the experience of choosing colors, including age and destiny according to Feng Shui that has just introduced, I hope readers can know which color purse is suitable! Wish you soon find a suitable wallet. 



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