Why are they called butterflies? – A mystery do you know?

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[why are they called butterflies]Butterflies are animals of different colors, thanks to which the flowers in the garden can self-pollinate, even if they can eat pests. The butterfly wings fluttering and fluttering, playing in the sun is so beautiful, contributing to making our nature more diverse and colorful. But speaking of their characteristics and origins, not every one of us knows.

Origin and characteristics of butterflies

As you know, butterflies are insects with beautiful wings, with wide wings that can fly everywhere. Currently, there are about 150,000 different butterflies and moths. Butterflies of the Lepidoptera are also known as the flapping wings.

Composed of 6 legs, 3 body segments including head, chest, and abdomen, beard, compound eyes, and exoskeleton.

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The butterfly life cycle consists of 4 stages:

Egg stage: butterflies start life with an egg, the egg is placed on the leaf by the mother.


Larval stage: From inside the egg hatches a caterpillar or larvae that feed on leaves and flowers. The larvae then peel the skin several times to develop the body until it is ready to pupate.
Stage of pupae: This pupil stage, the body has adapted and changed very strongly.

Adulthood: A butterfly is formed with a perfect body, its colorful wings leave it for hours to dry its body and start its journey.
Talking about its ability to fly, butterflies also have many different types of butterflies for the fastest flying species with speeds of 30 miles per hour, 5 miles per hour at the latest.

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In particular, butterflies can only fly when body temperature is above 30 ℃. In winter, they warm themselves up by beating their wings together to help increase their body temperature.


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